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Cyclist Dotsie Bausch Wins
Olympic Silver Medal!

"My journey with KRS has led me from a broken down, miserable, hopeless and depleted anorexic to a 2012 Olympic silver medalist. It sounds crazy but its true. My work with KRS continues to motivate and drive me as I navigate the waters of mentoring and inspiring others suffering from eating disorders. I will be forever grateful of the work KRS and I did together and I would not have stood on that Olympic podium representing our amazing USA without her."

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Serenity Retreats and Meditation CounselingKRS Edstrom's Retreat Experience
offers a unique combination of information and experience to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We all know what we "should" be doing for our health and self improvement, yet we are still not doing it, so say statistics. Here KRS Edstrom will motivate you, help you troubleshoot failure and give you the missing links to personal growth and conscious living. Perhaps most importantly, she will show you how to replace the confining "should" mentality with an enlightening journey of the body, mind and spirit.


"Ask KRS" Advice Column
Presents effective self help and alternative health advice along with easy ways to fit healthy habits into your busy day.  Ask KRS your questions about stress, weight loss, meditation, "deep" motivation, diet, anxiety, emotions, healing, pain, spiritual growth, exercise, fitness, relationships or any other self improvement goal.  
Advice Column


The Serenity & Meditation Corner
An online retreat!  Get relief with KRS’s transformational guided meditations for stress, pain, relaxation and insomnia. In this
rush, rush era of information overload, here you will find the skills to quiet the storms and cultivate deep inner peace.
Serenity & Meditation Corner


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KRS in Women’s World Magazine:
“Ask America’s Ultimate Experts”



"Loves to Snack"

Dear KRS,

I love to snack. I work so I am able to control what I eat during the day but when I get home I am starving and love to eat snacks all night. Unfortunately, I love carbohydrates and they seem to be the only thing that makes me feel full. I eat healthy foods and seldom eat junk food. I have yogurt for breakfast and turkey sandwich or yogurt for lunch. What else can you suggest that I snack on? I would love to get your help.

Loves to Snack

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Review of the Month
"Relax Mind & Body"

KRS Edstrom has developed the Relax Mind & Body as part of a set of six CD’s designed to help listeners overcome obstacles through their own inner strengths. Relax Mind & Body helps listeners relax. Conquer Stress helps them, well, conquer stress. (I was particularly excited that one of the testimonials in the liner notes is from a recovering addict.)

It is important to note that KRS Edstrom’s voice is almost the perfect guided-meditation voice. Her gentle sound is relaxing in and of itself. It is steady and consistent with minor fluctuations for emphasis and encouragement.

Jeff Silverman and Jeff Harrington created all the music for these two discs and it is very nice. The mix, by necessity, puts the focus on KRS’ spoken words but that does not render the music extraneous. Appropriately subtle and soft, the sound design incorporates smooth drones of ambiguous pastels and gentle melodies that create their own atmospheres.

It is in this environment that KRS talks to listeners. She does not talk at them — that would be destructive. She sounds like a friend giving suggestions over a cup of coffee or — even better — a cup of chai tea.

There are dozens of guided meditation CD’s on the market. KRS’ directions hit closer to home and are easier to follow than most. These discs come with the highest recommendation.

-  Awareness Magazine



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