Couch Potatoes Can Change Habits Ė Discover great time management & diet tips, stress busters &
 meditation techniques, says this book review of KRS Edstromís book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise by KRS Edstrom is one of the most inspiring books I've ever read. Anyone could use it as the path for changing their life for the better. KRS Edstrom shows the way to good health and fitness in an interesting and appealing way.

Her 11 steps to motivation can even motivate dyed-in-the-wool couch potatoes. After learning that one can take control without guilt and following her advice for eliminating excuses, I think anyone can be successful in working at good health. The book outlines four crucial time management rules for those of us who use 'I don't have time' as their excuse for not exercising and taking care of our diet. You'll learn how to make time visual, using 'timelines' and how to get yourself into a positive mindset.

Eliminate StressChapter seven, 'A Better Healthstyle Starts In Your Head', was a favorite and I will re-read it when I need reminding that I can control my own 'stress busters' by getting my body going with exercise and by having a good laugh, but I think my top favorite is chapter eight which briefly explains several meditation techniques that can help identify and eliminate stress.

This book is necessary for those who haven't given much thought to health and fitness and who want to change their habits. It's full of everything from diet tips to neat stories about real people that have either made healthy living a priority or who have successfully adopted a healthy lifestyle later in life. I think this book is a chock full of information to help the person interested in successfully changing their life.

KRS Edstrom gives you everything you need to be successful in healthy living, except a ride to the grocery store. Enjoy.

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