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Dear KRS, 
I love to snack. I work so I am able to control what I eat during the day but when I get home I am starving and love to eat snacks all night. Unfortunately, I love carbohydrates and they seem to be the only thing that makes me feel full. I eat healthy foods and seldom eat junk food. I have yogurt for breakfast and turkey sandwich or yogurt for lunch. What else can you suggest that I snack on? I would love to get your help.
Loves to Snack

Dear Loves to Snack,
Limited, healthful snacking is not necessarily a bad thing.  It can help keep blood sugar levels (and energy) stable so that you aren't as likely to overeat at meal times.   However, it sounds like you may be doing some "sport snacking" which can lead to excess weight.

Be sure you eat a well-balanced dinner when you get home.  This may help curb   the urge to "graze" all night long.  Then I would set reasonable limits on how often you allow yourself to snack, especially in the evening.  Stock up on snacks that don't tempt you to go back "for just one more."   Carbohydrates  are fine as long as they aren't refined, such as sweets, crackers and chips.  There are a lot of healthful snack options and I would encourage you to explore the shelves of a good health food store.  Some suggestions:  rice cakes, fruit juice sweetened cookies, baby carrots, popcorn.  Fruit is a good choice but may not satisfy you for as long as other selections.

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