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This Month’s Letter

Dear KRS,
I work a 40 hour week, have three children under ten years of age (four, if you count my husband), a dog and an endless "To Do" list. My holiday cards say "Peace" on them. How can I find a little peace for myself this season?
Seeking Holiday Peace

Dear Seeking Peace, 
Since extra activities, responsibilities and expectations at this time of year are unavoidable, I'm going to give you a few ideas on how you can clear a better path for serenity.

Start by removing as much outer stress-inducing debris as you can. Basic practical skills can help bulldoze the clutter of activities that rob your time. For example, simplify your schedule and responsibilities. Reschedule non-urgent activities for after the holidays and eliminate those holiday "To Dos" you no longer enjoy or that cause you stress. Then use every time management tip you know and ask other working moms for timesaving tips that get them through the holidays.

Next, eliminate as much inner stress-inducing debris as possible. Identify any self-sabotaging emotional patterns that may surface at this time of year. For example, do you allow or even create more chaos than necessary? Does any part of you feel undeserving of holiday joy? Are you in the "habit" of stress during this time of year?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, try to heighten your awareness of them so you can catch yourself when you start slipping back into them and apply the brakes. The recurrent spotlight of consciousness, like an acupuncture needle, can diffuse old patterns even in the busiest of times. Also remember that emotional issues are, in themselves, ideal opportunities for inner growth and spiritual evolution.

The more inner and outer clutter, chaos and stress you clear from your days, the more space you create for peace. It is a powerful positive cycle that quite effectively counteracts the negative stress-breeds-more-stress cycle.

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