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This Month’s Letter

Dear KRS,
Why do people get different results no matter how hard they studied, for example:

I have studied for a math test or computer or English test very hard and more than anyone else in the class. Many students are in the class; I am 22 years old; others are 16, 18, 27, 30, all of them studied less than me in all these subjects. No one spent the time and effort that I spent to get a good grade, but all of them got better grades than me.

After one year for instance all of them were able to answer the computer test perfectly without studying for it, but after one year I forgot everything about what I studied and I did worse than the first time and worse than all of them again.

Why do other students have better understanding abilities for some subjects than me, or they are more able to comprehend faster than I am able to, no matter how much time I spend with some subjects. Other students are more able to give results much better than me.

What is the secret of this situation and how can I improve myself? This situation is not once in a lifetime, but I am facing the same situation for years. Please provide me all what you know about this problem.
Slow Learner

Hi Learner,
First, congratulations on wanting to better yourself! Most people don't take the time or don't care enough about improving themselves to work on a problem area. Believe me - in seeking such improvement you are above the norm and possess a valued trait in becoming a success.

Yes, people vary in their ability to retain information and speed in learning. For this you might take a short (evening or summer) class in memory, for example. Just as importantly, I would begin giving yourself positive messages, such as "I retain information and am good enough. You probably have been having a lot of negative self-talk, so we want to reverse that and start building your self-esteem so you BELIEVE you can learn and retain. When there is fear and dread around learning, there is less retention, so relax and believe you can retain all you want.

I notice you said other students do better in "some subjects. My guess is you do just fine in those subjects for which you have an interest. I'm the same way, as are most people. Pursue subjects and a career for which you have an interest. There's a book called "Do what you Love & The Money Will Follow" (which I've never read, but the title says a lot). I say, "Study what you love and the learning will follow."

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