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"Through Edstrom's perceptiveness we see that health involves the whole person, not just the physical being."
--Russ Hanlin, 
CEO, Sunkist

"Thanks for the terrific programs you have facilitated for the past nine years.  Employees have thoroughly enjoyed your programs and have benefited from the guidance and support you have given them."
--Miriam McLeod, Universal Studios

"KRS Edstrom has it all -- sound information on nutrition, exercise and stress plus a unique collection of motivation strategies that promote lasting behavioral change. I heartily recommend her work for anyone wanting to achieve optimum health."

--Shirley Koster, R.D.,
Tucson Medical Center



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"For Women & Men who are Serious about Mastering
Stress, Weight, Pain, Energy, Health - & Self."

   Lectures & Seminars

Lectures - Seminars
from KRS Edstrom

The following are some of the programs offered by KRS Edstrom.
Programs can also be customized per individual group request.

  Meditation Skills for Daily Living
  Master Your Weight
  Fly Without Fear
  How To Conquer Insomnia

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MEDITATION - Skills For Daily Living:
Transforming Life's Challenges from the Inside Out

Are you are seeking serenity? Are you looking for a natural way to deal with stress, insomnia, depression, pain or other challenges that life presents? Techniques to quiet the busy, thinking mind will sharpen your concentration, enhance your appreciation of life and help you dissolve tension and stress.

KRS Edstrom, M.S. views life's challenges as opportunities for growth and she offers effective meditation techniques to conquer those challenges from the inside out. KRS incorporates a blend of nonsectarian techniques, such as breath awareness and mindfulness. Mindfulness is a nonsectarian meditation that raises consciousness and dissolves the "knots of the past" at their root source.

Meditating in a group strengthens your concentration and provides inspiration to keep up your practice at home. You will learn how to break through those blocks you are unable to on your own. This mostly-sitting class includes some mindful movement meditation (standing position only) to wake up the mind-body connection and help open the flow of energy. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. No mat needed.

This class takes you on a relaxing and enlightening journey of self-discovery while giving you powerful skills to take home.

Classes include:

  • How to use meditation to enhance the quality of your life

  • Body-mind skills to reduce stress, harness your mind & clear mental clutter

  • Guided meditation sessions - learn skills to cope with everyday challenges

  • Includes Mindful Movement & Walking Meditation

Individual questions and problem areas addressed. Free handouts.

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A Conscious "Get Results" Program for Losing Weight

How much energy do you invest in trying to control your weight? Fifty percent? Eighty percent? Wouldn’t you rather be using that energy for other things? Learn how to permanently conquer your lose-gain battle with weight from the inside out.

Eating is perhaps America’s biggest "sport." We eat when we’re happy, when we’re sad and most every other time in-between. While excess weight has to do with what we eat, it also has a lot to do with how, when and why we eat. Unwanted pounds can be related to allergies, lack of motivation, busy schedules and many other things.

KRS Edstrom’s class combines new information and practical skills with learning how to tune into your true physical, nutritional and emotional needs. Discover how emotions and self-esteem affect your weight. Learn to listen more to your body and less to the latest best-selling diet book. Effective guided "eating meditations" heighten your eating experience, reconnect your body and mind and help eliminate emotional eating.

Classes include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation - a mind-body technique to re-connect stomach to brain

  • Binge "Therapy"

  • Deep-Motivation Techniques vs Willpower

  • Self-Dialoguing - Mind Over Mouth

Individual problem areas will be addressed.
No Public Classes Currently Scheduled.  For Group Rates or Private Phone or In-Person Sessions call or email (below).

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How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying - Without Pills

Is your fear of flying taking a toll on your life? Is it keeping you from visiting friends and family or from taking important business trips? Does your fear make you feel stressed and disappointed in yourself? KRS offers you the same powerful fear-conquering techniques she used in designing in-flight relaxation programming for United, US Airways and American Airlines.

Classes include:

  • Guided meditation techniques to conquer your fear of flying

  • How to release fearful thoughts that cause tension in your body

  • How to shift your fearful perspective on flying

Individual questions and problem areas will be addressed.
No Public Classes Currently Scheduled.  For Group rates or for Private Phone or In-Person Sessions call or email (below).

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Replacing Anxiety with Serenity

This class teaches you how to turn off worry, tension and "mental chatter" and transform your sleeping experience into your own personal retreat - a nighttime oasis!

Individual questions and problem areas will be addressed.
No Public Classes Currently Scheduled. For Group Rates or Private Phone or In-Person Sessions call or email (below).

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KRS Edstrom's Bio
Questions? Call 323-851-8623 OR email:
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HealthStyle Retreats
from KRS Edstrom

"A Weekend of Learning and Experience that will Leave
You Lighter, Clearer and More Centered."

In the following HealthStyle retreats, KRS Edstrom combines information with physical and mental fitness in tranquil, rejuvenating settings. Retreats are theme oriented and can be customized per group needs. Format generally includes talks, guided meditations, relaxation and visualization sessions, delicious healthful meals, exercise, stretching and more.

"I came away from KRS Edstrom's retreat spiritually rejuvenated and with
less stress, less pain and less weight. A rare treat."
- Judy, Palm Springs

Stress Release Retreat
Learn KRS Edstrom’s powerful, multi-level approach for conquering stress that translates to a less stressful, healthier and happier life. Stop self-sabotaging behavior and the "habit" of stress.

Meditation for Quality Living
Renew your appreciation for life and learn how to bring higher consciousness into each day with this total or partially silent guided meditation retreat. Shows you how to transform rushed, unrewarding days to a life of quality.

Master Your Weight
Improve your relationship with food and conquer your weight from the inside out with KRS’s unique wholistic "get results" program.

The Art of Healthful Living
Learn how to create a lasting HealthStyle for your busy life. Incorporates any or all of the above retreats for a powerful, transformational experience.

 KRS Edstrom's Bio
Questions? Call 323-851-8623 OR email:
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