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wpe13A.jpg (3999 bytes)KRS Edstrom, M.S., is a nationally syndicated advice columnist, author, lecturer and radio host who has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Glamour, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Fitness, First for Women and Entrepreneur. United Airlines and American Airlines have featured Edstrom's programs as special in-flight relaxation channels. Her syndicated advice column "Ask KRS" appears in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Edstrom’s books include Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and Conquering Stress, which offer effective programs and advice on stress, diet, motivation, self-improvement, exercise and living. Included is her groundbreaking study that demonstrates a remarkable relationship between health and success. Edstrom is also the author of Inner Master Series, an audio series featuring six guided meditation titles on stress, insomnia, relaxation and pain.

Hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have used Edstrom’s products. Her work is based on a system of external as well as internal skills that help people stay motivated to achieve their personal growth goals. Edstrom provides solutions for stress and anxiety, weight loss and eating problems, physical or emotional pain,  self-healing and more. Her Student Stress & Anger Management Program is implemented in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Edstrom holds a master's degree in Health Science and has studied academic and alternative methods of mental and physical health for over 20 years. Applying her working experience, she has also rebuilt herself, overcoming alcoholism, agoraphobia and eating disorders. Her personal experiences and education are a powerful combination for educating and motivating others.

The Birth of this Site
Early 1999 I came in contact with the founder of Doctors Health Supply, Rick Cabados. He liked my book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and it launched us into a series of cozy conversations meandering to every corner we pleased in the healing/consciousness realm. It’s such a rare treat to connect with someone who is equally voracious about exploring new or obscure areas in this exciting field. Even more fun was having Rick lead the way in our Alice-in-Wonderland expeditions. 

However, at some point, Rick usually started prodding me to get a web site, which would signal the end of an otherwise perfect conversation. I would mumble something like, "Sure, sure, maybe one of these days – well I gotta run now…" Building a web site represented an overwhelming proposition to me and one I never seemed to have the time to tackle. The only positive aspect about Rick nagging me to launch a website was that it insured the ending of our marathon talks, bringing us back to our desks full of what we "should" be doing.

Then one day, just like Christmas morning, Rick surprised me out of the blue with my own web site. I couldn’t believe it. All the negative energy I had about "building a website" (such as it being analogous to building the Eiffel Tower), was cleanly swept away by this person’s positive vision for me. I was amazed at seeing my Home page, but I was even more amazed that someone would do this for me. What breed of human is it that does such deeds? It is one of the nicest things anyone (I’ve never even met in person) has ever done for me and it was a gift that extended so much further than a website. This site has not only opened up a whole new world for me in bringing me in closer communication with those who might benefit by my work, but it also opened my heart another notch just knowing that someone could be so giving. Thanks Rick.

I must also thank my artistic and relentlessly patient DESIGNER, Deneen Underwood, who helped me develop the site into my own comfortable home. She presented great ideas and then, unique from most artists, was never offended when I repeatedly changed my mind or even rejected ideas. Deneen gives so much more than her creative talents; she continually offers unspoken lessons in living. Thanks Deneen.

The Wizard of Oz WEB MASTER behind the curtains is Corey Gouker. The knowledge of this wiz kid is unbelievable. Whenever I think I have asked him a challenging question about something I’ve just read regarding search engines or HTML codes, he quietly gives me the history on the subject and why the article that I’m so proudly quoting is (usually) incorrect….How does so much knowledge fit into a brain? Thanks Corey.

To my Visitors – Thanks for coming to my virtual home. I hope you get what you need here. Please feel free to offer suggestions on content, product or anything else, as the purpose of this collective effort is to give you an effective vehicle to help further your journey.


About “Inner Mastery Series” Cover Art
Evelyn Miranda, aka Dreamlyn, is indeed for me, a Dream come true.  This amazing talent created the cover art for my Inner Master Series (6 CDs).  I now know where the phrase “patience of a saint” comes from – Evelyn indulged my every whim and change of mind while keeping her wild artist self alive and free.  Each of the 6 pieces took months of back and forth, late-night design-by-phone sessions (Evelyn lives in Florida and I live in California) and wonderful unrelated discussions such as Evelyn’s mining-for-crystals-in-the-Blue-Ridge-Mountains adventure.  Check out her website:


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