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"Fly Without Fear" ~ News Release ~
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“If the thought of boarding a plane makes you queasy, Fly Without Fear by KRS Edstrom will help you regain your confidence. If you have children who have developed a fear of flying, play it for them. KRS Edstrom could even calm down a strong cup of coffee.”
- Doug Ordunio, Sr. Prod. DMX Inflight

With Our Busiest Travel Season Upon Us -  
CD Offers Help for Fearful Flyers

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Following the success of her innovative in-flight relaxation programs, author and stress expert KRS Edstrom, M.S. has just released her long-awaited new CD Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight – just in time for the busiest travel season of the year.  

According to a report in USA Today, since September 11th almost half (forty-four percent) of Americans are afraid to fly, compared to only sixteen percent pre-9/11.  Would-be flyers are suffering both emotionally and financially by missing vacations as well as business trips.  Instead of fading, the fear of flying appears to be epidemic.  KRS Edstrom has observed that kids are picking up their parents’ fears as both are now showing up together en masse at her Fly Without Fear classes.  Stress affects our quality of life as well as our health but now there’s a tool that can help. 

Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight is a welcome new CD that offers help and hope for anxious travelers and for those too fearful to even consider flying.  This effective and well-constructed program thoughtfully includes a “Dress Rehearsal” exercise, complete with actual airport and airplane sounds, so listeners can practice and desensitize themselves in the comfort of their own homes.  By the time travel day arrives, fear has already been conquered.

But that’s only the beginning. Fly Without Fear provides something for everyone in its ten highly effective tracks that keep you relaxed through every aspect of flying, from waiting, boarding and taxiing for take-off, to taking off, flying and landing.  This exceptional 73 minute program does more than just get you to your destination, it instills skills you can apply (to any fear) forevermore, and for that reason Fly without Fear is more than a hand to hold – it’s therapy.

KRS Edstrom, M.S., a former fearful flyer, is a lecturer, advice columnist and author of several books and audios.  Her previous in-flight relaxation programming has received critical acclaim from USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal. Numerous psychologists and hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai have endorsed her products.

Fly Without Fear is available through bookstores for $16.95 S.R., from online stores such as and from Soft Stone Publishing at 323-851-8623.  For a photo (300 dpi) of CD cover or author call, email or visit

Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight / CD by KRS Edstrom /  Publication:  Fall 2002

Self Help /  Personal Development  /  Spoken Word  /  $16.95  /  73 min
ISBN  1-886198-14-4
   Distributed by Ingram and Soft Stone Publishing

Also Available for Review:
Healthy, Wealthy & WIse (book) and 6 guided meditation titles including Conquer Stress, Sleep through Insomnia, Relax Mind & Body, Defeat Pain, Everyday Meditation.

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When You Need An Expert In:

  • Healthy Living & Personal Growth – & how to change your habits to improve your quality of life
  • Stress – at work, in relationships, in life
  • Weight Management & Eating Disorders – addresses far-reaching aspects from emotional & dietary skills to social and addictive issues
  • Meditation – powerful "daily living" skills (also used by hospitals & airlines )
  • Pain – how to manage emotional & physical pain including back pain, migraines, cancer & even the dying process
  • Healing – natural, effective techniques for self-healing
  • Anger – how to manage anger at work, in relationships & life
  • Deep Motivation – 70% of Americans know what to do for better health and well-being, but they don't do it. KRS' unique deep motivation skills.

KRS Edstrom, M.S., is a nationally recognized wellness expert, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healthful living. She combines practical advice with technique training, helping you step out of the guilt-driven "should" mentality to become your own inner expert and motivator. Audiences and readers enjoy her entertainingly natural delivery and well as her impactful advice. 

Ms. Edstrom is an author, syndicated advice columnist and radio host. She has designed audio programming for US Airways, United and American Airlines and her products have been endorsed by hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai.  Ms. Edstrom's books include Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and Conquering Stress. Her audio series, Inner Master Series, includes such titles as "Relax Mind & Body," "Defeat Pain" and "Sleep Through Insomnia." Her work has been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Elle, Glamour, Chicago Tribune, First For Women, Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur and Fitness.


~ News Release ~

KRS Edstrom, M.S., reveals the intimate connection between  health and success, along with her enlightening program for transforming rushed, unrewarding days into a life of quality in her book -


"For success in health and life, this book is a MUST. It provides the motivational tactics as well as effective and doable physical and mental fitness programs to take you where you want to go."      -  Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

Click to view larger imageLOS ANGELES – Health and success are perhaps the two most important subjects to Americans and for which we continually seek answers. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise provides a fresh, substantive approach to attaining success with mind, body and life. It is an all-in-one HealthStyle guide that solves an important problem for men and women leading busy lives who can’t get results with weight, fitness or stress. Interestingly, although 70% of us know the basics of what we "should" be doing, most of us still are not doing those things. The critical missing link? Motivation. This book presents a full Motivation Program – the key that helps readers troubleshoot failure and achieve lasting results. It truly distinguishes this book from others.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise reveals the results of KRS’ fascinating study of the heads of America’s top corporations. These leaders share inspiring personal stories and disclose the health secrets that helped them get to the top. Readers are then given KRS’ step-by-step HealthStyle program to achieve success with their goals.

Segment & Article Suggestions:

  • Built-into-your-day weight, stress management and exercise programs for active people – whether homemaker or entrepreneur.
  • How to achieve "deep motivation" to change your habits and keep your goals all year long!
  • How to "Self-Dialogue" – and other skills for more success, less self-sabotage and fuller self-knowledge.
  • How to eat consciously and with more enjoyment. Lose weight instead of self-esteem.
  • "Mental Fitness Program" – with both long-term and "first aid" techniques for stress.
  • How to cook for one or ten in just minutes with KRS’ Speed Cooking Plan. Makes preparing a nutritious, delicious, low-fat and economical meal as easy as picking up fast food!
  • Binge Therapy – eliminates overeating and regaining weight.
  • And more – including a HealthStyle Questionnaire, charts and a "get results" record-keeping system!

"Whether you’re running a corporation or a household, this book can give you the mental and physical keys for a healthy and successful life."      -  Ed Asner, Actor

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