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Relaxing Meditations A Vacation For Your Spirit


"The KRS Edstrom Radio Show is an exquisite internal vacation that is wonderfully habit-forming… "

"The KRS Edstrom Radio Show --
Time Out For Time In"

"A unique radio program for transforming rushed,

unrewarding days into a life of quality."

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A 15 minute, related guided
meditation concludes each show.

Healing the Physical, Mental, Emotional Pain of a Car Accident.

How to Work Hard without Sacrificing Your Health (coming soon)

Natural Healing for Hypoglycemia & Diabetes (coming soon)

What Meditation Techniques to Use When (coming soon)

A unique radio show that offers callers personal advice on a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Then, as a special "retreat getaway," KRS Edstrom guides listeners through a wonderfully relaxing meditation session, enhanced by a background of tranquil music. You won’t want to miss this! 

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Stress & AnxietyWhat People Are Saying:

Edstrom’s guided relaxation sessions are a great way to unwind."
- Patricia McKegney, psychologist

"KRS Edstrom’s grounding voice woven with glorious music creates a wonderfully transformational journey within."
- White Swan Music

"KRS’ relaxation techniques have made a major difference in my life. One of the things I love about her work is that as a Christian I don’t feel like I’m doing something against my beliefs."
- Jim Taylor

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques let Stress & Anxiety Fly Away"KRS Edstrom’s products are of high quality and a useful adjunct to our stress programs."
- C. Noel Bairey, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Hospital

"KRS’ program has helped me concentrate on my inner self, which I couldn’t do at all before. I thought it was all hogwash. Now I want to do more things for my health."
- Barb Kauff

"I can recommend KRS Edstrom’s techniques for stress and pain. They work!"
- Augie Nieto, CEO Lifecycle

"KRS’ program has made a big difference in my life and in creating stepping-stone successes to greater happiness within myself."
- Sarah Knight

"KRS’ calmness is contagious." 
- Jeannie Bellamy

"KRS Edstrom has it all – sound information plus a unique collection of meditation skills that promote lasting behavior change. I heartily recommend her work for anyone wanting to achieve optimum health."
- Shirley Koster, M.S., R.D., Tucson Medical Center

"... provides the motivational tactics as well as effective an do-able physical and mental fitness programs to take you where you want to go."
- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"Whether you're running a corporation or a household, [KRS Edstrom] gives you the mental and physical keys for a healthy and successful life."
- Ed Asner, Actor

"A terrific must for anybody who wants to stay alive and protect his or her health."
- William P. Castelli, M.D., Director, Framington Heart Study

"Provides a clear explanation of why diet, exercise and stress reduction improve health and productivity, as well as practical tips that keep you motivated in achieving your goals."
- Paul Rosch, M.D., President, The American Institute of Stress



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