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To Your Health
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Is your business killing you? How to break your bad habits and pick up better ones

By Karen E. Spaeder

t's safe to assume that you're pretty fond of your business. It's what makes you tick. It ought to make you tick; after all, you've likely thrown yourself into it, body and soul, just for the wonderful feeling of being an entrepreneur and growing something from a mere seedling into a strong, healthy plant. What you might not realize is while your plant is busy getting strong and healthy, it could be killing you.

"Entrepreneurs are at a very high risk of compromising their health because of their jobs," says Gayle Reichler, founder and president of New York city wellness firm Active Wellness. "A lot of us feel we're invincible; we work long hours and feel it, but we keep driving and driving, and pushing and pushing. But it's critical for entrepreneurs to work [wellness] into their routines."

Stress Less

For many of you, stress is so much a part of your daily routine that if you didn't wake up and have an anxiety attack within the first five minutes, you might start to wonder what was wrong with you.

The list of stress's effects is long and disconcerting. Stress can cause migraines, insomnia, a short temper, ulcers, high blood pressure, lethargy, loss of or increase in appetite, a weakened immune system and depression--making it critical for you to find ways to de-stress.

The key to de-stressing--and to any wellness program--is to take it slow, or you won't stick to it. Start with five or 10 minutes each day, and work your way toward more and more self-focused time. "This is an evolutionary process," notes health expert Krs Edstrom, author of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (Soft Stone Publishing), as well as a series of stress-management audios. "You can't do all these things at once--don't do that to yourself. Just slip into it, and it'll become a habit."  Try these techniques:

Listen to relaxing music and/or stress-management audios.

  • Soak in a hot tub with lavender oil or sea salts, or simply take a long, hot shower.
  • Turn off your phone and have a "spa day" or a day on the links.
  • Take a stress-management class.
  • Get a massage.

Get Healthy

There's a lot to think about when you're hungry, tired and busy. That's why Edstrom suggests you take a break and get someone else--such as a housekeeper, relative or friend--to do the cooking once in a while. Another efficient way to eat healthier is to stop focusing on eating three square meals a day. Instead, stock up on healthy snacks such as almonds and apples.

And don't forget breakfast--it'll jump-start your metabolism, give you energy and control your hunger so you don't go overboard at lunch time. Again, you should stick to whole-grain breads and cereals, nonfat milk, and foods that are high in fiber.

"Learn to listen to what your body [is telling you]," Edstrom advises, adding that dieting of any kind usually doesn't work. "Go back to the basics, then feel what your body needs from there. Go to a nutritionist if you think you're still not clear. In general, start by eating less, then combine that with the evolutionary approach to cleaning up your act."

Get Fit

There are a million excuses for not exercising.

Frankly, though, "I don't have time" just doesn't cut it anymore. You don't need to spend hours at the gym to get fit; you just need to have willpower--and maybe a decent pair of athletic shoes. You're right--you don't have time. You have to make time, even when you're caught up in the excitement of growing your business.

That's something Kirk Perron, CEO of San Francisco-based Jamba Juice, has had to learn through the years--even though wellness is what his company is all about.

"I was out of balance for a long time," says Perron, 35, who recently completed the 600-mile California AIDS bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. "When your business is growing at such an incredible pace, you don't have time for yourself. It wasn't until I'd made substantial progress in building the management team at Jamba that I was able to take more time in terms of exercising."

It's amazing what exercise can do for you, both physically and mentally. It strengthens the heart, increases metabolic rate, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, enhances immunity, improves self-esteem and mental attitude, and reduces stress. And with just 30 minutes a day--or 200 minutes a week--you can get there.

Remember, though, start slowly; steal a few minutes here and there to do some desktop push-ups, run up a light of stairs or take a short walk around the building. "Take baby steps," says Edstrom. "For your mind's sake as much as your body's you've got to start small. Instead of beginning with an hour-long aerobics class, start off with a walk to the mailbox or a noontime walk with a friend or colleague."

As with nutrition, there is no one program for everyone; once you start a fitness program, you'll learn what works for you. Many fitness trainers offer step-by-step personal fitness programs that can be tailored to your individual needs; such a program could be a good starting point.

The best approach is to trick yourself into getting fit. Find exercise that's fun for you, whether it's running, tae bo, biking, basketball or swimming. Perron's favorite exercises include spinning, biking and lifting weights.

Basically, you have to make your exercise program fun, or you'll quit before you even get your heart rate up. And if anyone can keep things interesting, it's you--an entrepreneur. In fact, your entrepreneurial status just might lead you to the perfect exercise. "Entrepreneurs are the ones to seek out the alternatives first," notes Reichler. "They're the risk-takers--that's their very nature."

Money Talks

If being well isn't enough of an incentive for you, take your business into consideration. Without a healthy, happy leader, it will suffer. "In fact," says Edstrom, "you can't afford not to take care of yourself."

Make your health equally as important as the project you have to complete by Tuesday or the bill you have to pay tomorrow. Schedule it into your day just as you would an important business meeting.

"When you're an entrepreneur, you live your work," says Reichler, who also suggests making wellness part of your company philosophy. "If you're living your work, you might as well make part of what you do living well, because then it will sustain you for years to come."

Time Constraints

Do you have a minute? Krs Edstrom, author of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (Soft Stone Publishing), suggests these quick exercises in her "No Time to Exercise" program:

1. Desktop push-ups. Stand about three or four feet away from a desk or counter top. Place the palms of your hands on the edge of the desk. Keeping your body straight, bend your elbows until your chin almost touches the desktop or counter top while lowering your body. Straighten your elbows and lift your body back up.

2. TV fat burner. Three nights a week, get up and move around during every TV commercial break.

3. Isometrics. Tighten and release the muscles in your stomach, buttocks, thighs and biceps one area at a time while working at your desk or driving your car.

4. Walk stairs. Resist the urge to take the elevator.

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