Exercise Your Way to Success – Book Review of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise based on KRS Edstrom's study of America’s top executives
 which reveals the connection between health & success – & how you can eat better, exercise more & stay married longer.

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Exercise your way to success

What's the connection between staying healthy and succeeding in your career? That's what KRS Edstrom asked leaders of some of America's top 100 corporations, and the answers are in her new book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (Soft Stone $22.95)

Most of the people Edstrom interviewed told her they became serious about health -- at an average age of 35 -- before they became financially successful -- at an average age of 39.

wpe13E.jpg (5049 bytes)She compiled a profile of successful leaders: They agree there's a correlation between health and success; they weigh 12 pounds less than their American peers; they eat more fish and salad -- and consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco - than most Americans; they stay married 22.5 years longer than most people in the nation; and they name exercise as their No. 1 form of stress management.

Edstrom, who discusses work and health regularly in a national radio show and in magazine columns, gives troubleshooting tips in her book for finding a health program that will work for you.

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