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"...Your program has been so vital and enriching for me. Your expertise, advice and professionalism served at a time most needed like paramedics to an emergency patient. You’ve been a most influential source in getting my life together again."     - Karen,  Los Angeles

Phone Sessions: Wellness Education
Private "HealthStyle Management"
with KRS Edstrom, M.S.

As Featured in: 
USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Elle, Chicago Tribune, 
Fitness, Entrepreneur,  Glamour, Wall Street Journal

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Price for 1/2 Hour Phone Session:  $70.00
Price for 1 Hour Phone Session:  $125.00

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A Conscious Approach for Mastering:

Stress & Anxiety
Weight & Eating Problems
Pain Relief
Self-Healing Skills

KRS Edstrom’s unique method combines practical advice with her Inner Mastery skills, including mindfulness meditation, imagery and energy-release exercises.

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Solutions for Healthful Living

Lose weight instead of self-esteem.  Learn to eat consciously and with more enjoyment.  Eliminate overeating and food addictions.
Mental Fitness Program for less stress and more success at work and at home. 
Healing techniques for body and emotions  - for better health and deeper self-knowledge.
Increase spiritual awareness.  Meditation skills for the challenges of daily living.   
Built-into-your-day weight, stress management and exercise programs for busy women and men.  
How to attain “deep motivation” to change your habits and keep your goals all year long!  

How to Make an Appointment
When you click to set up an appointment you will be asked for your preferred appointment times.  You will then enter the time(s) that best suit your schedule.  Standard appointment hours are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time, but exceptions may be made if you require another time.  When your information is received you will be contacted email with your appointment date and time.  Then all you have to do is sit back, get ready to nurture your mind, body and spirit - and answer the phone!  

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All information, education and suggestions provided by KRS Edstrom are meant to support and not replace medical care or any relationships that exist between site visitors and their psychiatrists, therapists or physicians.  Click here to see full Medical Disclaimer

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How to Make an Appointment 
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Price for 1/2 Hour Phone Session:  $70.00
Price for 1 Hour Phone Session:  $125.00

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1 Hour Session
30 Minute Session

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