Your Way to a Better Lifestyle - A review of  KRS Edstrom’s book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise & her study of top executives with
 their inspiring, real-life stories, including their healthy habits -  proper nutrition, positive thinking, motivation & exercise consistency.

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Even with our near-obsession with health and fitness, we keep getting heavier and exercise less and less. KRS Edstrom, whose advice column is featured on several America Online magazine sites, argues that lack of motivation is the culprit. Her HealthStyle program outlined in Healthy, Wealthy & Wise takes an holistic approach to better health using the informative, real-life stories of successful people.icet.gif (7758 bytes)

In her study of dozens of top-level executives, Edstrom found that they weigh less, eat more fish and salad, and consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco than other Americans. They also use exercise for stress management and motivation more than others. Worth noting, she says, is these go-getters incorporated these lifestyle habits on their way up (not simply when they got rich enough to do it), suggesting that a progressive attitude toward health, fitness and nutrition is just as important as one's professional abilities and personal charisma.

wpe13B.jpg (3326 bytes)Edstrom emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and positive thinking in building a healthier you, with detailed descriptions of executives' eating habits, easy-to-prepare recipes and steps to motivation. The most important part of the book , however, may be its repeated emphasis on how exercise and good physical health lay the foundation for everything else, encouraging a better diet and releasing endorphins to help your mental outlook.

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