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"An entertaining book that has it all - a unique collection of motivation  strategies with a ‘failure-proof’ diet/exercise/stress program that yields success in mind, body and life. Turns a busy lifestyle into a productive and balanced HealthStyle." - Shirley Koster, wife, mother, M.S., R.D., Tucson Medical Center

Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

Soft Cover / 288 pages / 25 charts / 45 recipes
Soft Stone Publishing / Suggested Retail $22.95

Hard Cover

A Personal Note from KRS
What People are Saying?
Inside this Unique Guide
Chapter Outline

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wpe135.jpg (7083 bytes)Description of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Want to Make Your Lifestyle a HealthStyle?

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is a "total health solution" for busy men and women who can't seem to make results last. You’ll discover hundreds of tested techniques and proven strategies that make it easy to eliminate stress…look, feel and be healthier…have more energy…and remain positive and motivated about your life. This all-in-one non-fanatical plan delivers effective stress, exercise and diet programs, including a revolutionary "Speed Cooking Plan" full of quick, delicious recipes.

You will learn how to turn your busy lifestyle into an effortless and enjoyable HealthStyle. Both entertaining and educational, it includes valuable tips from some of America’s most successful men and women. Perhaps most importantly and uniquely, this book solves an important problem for readers - how to stay motivated, troubleshoot failure and insure lifelong results.

A Personal Note From KRS Edstrom About Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

wpe136.jpg (6567 bytes)In working with individuals and corporations to reach their "HealthStyle" goals, one of my observations was that those who were most successful were already doing a LOT of things right in regards to taking care of themselves. I wondered if there was any relationship to being in good health (psychologically as well as physically) and being successful in one’s endeavors. So I conducted a study of America’s most successful business leaders, both men and women. The results were so fascinating I had to share their secrets along with my complete HealthStyle Program to help readers "be who they were meant to be." The remarkable "success stories" readers of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise have shared with me have been my best reward.

What People Are Saying About Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

"For success in health and life, this book is a MUST. It provides the motivational tactics as well as effective and doable physical and mental fitness programs to take you where you want to go."
- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"Speaking as a full-time mother of three, wife and career woman, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise provides the motivation and structure to turn a busy lifestyle into a productive, stress-free and balanced HealthStyle."
- Sally Kerr-Lamkin, Executive Director, The Phoenix Spa

"The example of 100 Chief Executives is convincing. Good health goes beyond diet and exercise. This book identifies the keys to success and a fitness program that is practical."
- Russ Hanlin, CEO, President, Sunkist Growers, Inc.

"A terrific MUST for the executive – or anybody – who wants to stay alive and protect his or her health."
- William P. Castelli, M.D., Director, Framingham Heart Studywpe13A.jpg (3999 bytes)

"Whether you’re running a corporation or a household, this book can give you the mental and physical keys for a healthy and successful life."
- Ed Asner, Actor

"Being happy in life requires you to be happy at work. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise helps to direct and motivate you to accomplish both."
- Meyer Gottlieb, CEO, Samuel Goldwyn Films

"Good stuff!" Puts diet and exercise in perspective. Losing weight and getting in shape is not going to work unless it’s part of a person’s normal routine and isn’t a hassle. I can also personally recommend KRS’ stress/pain management techniques. They work!"
- Augie Nieto, CEO Life Fitness (makers of Lifecycle)

"Provides a clear explanation of why diet, exercise and stress reduction improve health and productivity, as well as practical tips that keep you motivated in achieving your goals."
- Paul Rosch, M.D., President, The American Institute of Stress

"If it is true that you can’t argue with success, then it is also true you can’t argue with this book – it tells you what success is made of. The only way it wouldn’t change your life is if you’re already following the principles it describes."
- Rudolph M. Ballentine, M.D., Author, Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach

"Krs Edstrom’s book should be required reading for every worksite health promotion manager. Insight into the profile of the successful, fit CEO will help to keep all employee programs on target."
- Robert Kamen, President, Association for Fitness in Business

"Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is a practical no excuses recipe for a healthy working lifestyle."
- Richard McKegney, General Manager, National Bank of Kuwait, Singapore  5 Stars! 
"Fantastic! KRS Edstrom reveals the secrets of success, the foundation of performance, of America's very top executives. A personal guide to achievement according to the very highest achievers."    
- Reviewed by Amazon reader Sidney Cornman

Inside This Unique "HealthStyle" Guide:

"For Busy People Who Want to Live Quality Lives"

  • 11 Proven Steps to Motivation. Although 70% of us know what we "should" be doing, most of us still are not doing those things. Learn how to troubleshoot failure and out-motivate excuses with mental tactics such as Reprogramming, Self-Dialoguing, Habit Strategy and Exer-psychology.
  • On-The-Go Program. Life management skills for on-the-go people, including diet, stress ("Mental Fitness"), exercise and time management programs.
  • 3 Stages to Successful Eating that maintain your health and weight goals. Includes Binge Therapy.
  • "No Time to Exercise" Program. How to fit fitness into your busy day.
  • Revolutionary Speed Cooking Plan. Makes preparing a meal as easy as picking up fast food. Designed for active "non-cooks" who want to eat well but cannot devote their lives to cooking. How to prepare fast, delicious, low-fat recipes for freezer stocking, eating on-the-run, emergency meals – and more.
  • Evolutionary Approach. How to make an enjoyable and permanent transition from couch potato to being fit in mind and body.
  • Charts & Record-Keeping Tools. An original motivational record-keeping system that defines your program goals and insures daily adherence.
  • Revealing, Fun-to-Take HealthStyle Test.

According to an eye-opening study conducted by HealthStyle expert KRS Edstrom, M.S., success and good health are intimately connected. In fact, many of America’s most prominent leaders attribute their success to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find personal stories and tips from these leaders, who disclose the health secrets that helped them get to the top. Then you’ll be given KRS’ step-by-step HealthStyle

program along with her special Motivation Strategy the key that makes it all happen and truly distinguishes this program from all others.

Chapter Outline from Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Part One – GETTING MOTIVATED: Successful HealthStyle Strategies

Chapter 1 - The Health-Success Connection
Chapter 2 - Your HealthStyle Test: How Do You Measure Up?
wpe13B.jpg (3326 bytes)
Chapter 3 - Food Strategies: The Bottom Line on Eating Right

Chapter 4 - Exercise Tips from the Top
Chapter 5 - Psyching Up: Taking Charge and Staying Charged

Part Two – TAKING ACTION: The HWW HealthStyle Program
Chapter 6 - Managing Your Time for Health and Success
Chapter 7 - A Better HealthStyle Starts in Your Head: Mental Fitness Training
Chapter 8 - The "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" Mental Fitness Program
Chapter 9 - Tailoring Your Workouts to Your Life
Chapter 10 - Eating for Body, Mind and Career: The "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" Diet & Nutrition Program
Chapter 11 - The "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" Speed Cooking Plan
Chapter 12 - Your Menu Planning Strategy: Making the Recipes of Speed Cooking Part of Your Daily Routine

Excerpt From Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Chapter 5

Are you self-motivated? Seventy percent of us know how much exercise we need to stay healthy, and what kind of food to eat and how much. We just don’t DO it. Why? Lack of motivation is a major factor. Are you one of those few people who are self-motivated? Before you answer, think about this question: What happened to last year’s New Year’s resolutions (or don’t you bother making them anymore)? Studies say the single most important psychological obstacle to regular exercise and good diet is lack of motivation. Take the following motivation quiz to find out your motivation level. Then find out what to do about it.

Reviews on Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

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-2011 All rights reserved

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Value based on the original retail $22.95 price of this
hardcover collector’s version of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.


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