Guided Meditation Retreat - Discover techniques for body & mind that enhance your
 spiritual growth, serenity & happiness – Includes tranquil images & soft music.

Meditation Moment... 

Meditation Moment



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Welcome to the Meditation Corner. Here you will enjoy guided meditations that increase your quality and appreciation of life. You will learn "inner mastery" skills for living each day more fully, with increased energy, awareness and balance. KRS Edstrom artfully blends her own effective techniques with a mindfulness technique called vipassana. The result is a transformational spiritual journey that allows you to live each day more fully, with increased energy, awareness and balance. For the beginning or advanced meditation, this is the ideal choice to play in whole or in part every day. Background music composed to facilitate your practice

"Bring your attention to your shoulder area. What sensations do you feel? Follow any tightness or discomfort to its source - all the way in. Allow the tightness to release. Feel the effects of the release throughout your whole body. Know that there is a mental and emotional release happening as well because thoughts are lodged in your body. You are in the process of opening the lines of communication between mind and body."

Immerse yourself in this guided meditation experience, knowing that the meditation and visualization techniques you learn can become a part of you, so that in life you will automatically know how to apply the appropriate skill to enhance consciousness while minimizing pain and suffering. The bonus is that you are also developing inner skills that will enhance your spirit and personal growth.

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