Everyday Meditation audio CD - unique mindfulness meditation skills increase awareness & enhance everyday living.

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"'Everyday Meditation' is perfect for relieving tension - blends soothing words, soft musical background, and meditation techniques into a harmonic whole. A wonderful guide to not only relaxation, but also the mental benefits of mindful meditation to increase awareness and fully exult in the everyday wonders of life. Highly recommended for anyone interested in a little help to more fully unwind."
- The Midwest Book Review

Everyday Meditation
A Mini Retreat to Calm the Mind
& Nourish the Soul

ISBN: 978-886198-19-7
Play Time: 40 minutes
Audio CD – $16.95

A Personal Note from KRS

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Sounds of Serenity Meditation Music
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"…It is almost as if KRS knows the souls of her listeners. She does not
preach; she teaches. There are no direct references but the entire
journey is very spiritual. It allows meditators to look at themselves
from the outside. The ability to create such an environment is rare.
This is an essential CD from an exceptional series by an
extraordinary lady. KRS stands and practices at the nth level."

- Awareness Magazine        Click for Full Review

"’Everyday Meditation’ is a terrific resource.” 
- The Birmingham News
        Click for Full Review

"Though less than an hour long, this meditation guide not only relaxes,
but also creates an enduring residue of calmness, in part through KRS
Edstrom's voice. The program guides listeners through muscle relaxation
and emotional letting-go, and for that purpose Edstrom’s imagery is both
appealing and effective.  ...this a program that people at all levels of
constriction or overactivity will be able to warm up to."

- AudioFile Magazine Click for Full Review

"This is a perfect program for anyone interested in beginning a meditation
practice, or emancipating oneself from emotional, mental or physical tension."

- LA Yoga Magazine     Click for Full Review

"Whether clients of mine are seeking relaxation, sleep, pain
relief or a general calming effect, I never hesitate highly
recommending KRS’s audios.”   
- Paul Levy, M.D., Toronto, Canada

"Accompanied by soothing, subtle music, it serves as a solid,
approachable choice for those who enjoy guided meditation."

-  New Age Retailer
        Click for Full Review

“I truly enjoy ‘Everyday Meditation’.  It helps confirm
direction when doubts arise during meditation.”
- Margy Bauman, Audio Scholar

“Your words, tone, musical background, techniques all meld together
to make for a powerful (and empowering) “symphony” and response.
Thank you for your work and such quality of care.  In days of stress
it’s terrific knowing I have these tools nearby, and slowly, within.”

 -  Conni Logan, photographer, Colorado

DESCRIPTION of Everyday Meditation

New “inner software” that helps you live each day more fully.  KRS’s unique mindfulness meditation skills increase awareness and enhance everyday experiences, making your journey a smoother ride. Gentle music designed to facilitate your practice.

PERSONAL NOTE From KRS EDSTROM About Everyday Meditation

This audio was made in response to requests from those who come to my retreats and enjoy my guided meditations. They wanted something to play when they weren’t at retreat that would refocus them and "provide mileage" (as one long-term meditator told me) for their daily meditations.

EXCERPT from Everyday Meditation

Bring your attention to your shoulder area. What sensations do you feel? Follow any tightness or discomfort to its source - all the way in. Allow the tightness to release. Feel the effects of the release throughout your whole body. Know that there is a mental release happening as well because thoughts are lodged in your body. You are in the process of opening the lines of communication between mind and body.


Everyday Meditation is 1 of 6 titles from KRS Edstrom’s Inner Master Series.  Mindfulness meditation is a non-denominational, non-sectarian practice and the core technique used throughout this series. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of present moment with open-palmed acceptance; an appreciation of “now” and whatever it may contain.  Imagery and breath techniques are also used to enhance your meditation experience.  

The purpose of the Inner Master Series is that you not only experience results after each listen, but that you also develop increasingly deeper skills to serve you in all of life’s challenges. 

Commonly considered negatives such as pain, stress and insomnia are transformed in a non-judgmental way that invites insight and is both growth-promoting and freeing.  Once perceived enemies turn into welcome teachers.  Similarly, everyday events such as watching a bird soar, greeting a neighbor or putting on your socks are experienced in a more mindful, complete way; a way that enriches your relationship to self, spirit and thus, the rest of the world.

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