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Sounds of Serenity Meditation Music Sounds of Serenity: Musical Meditation and Nature's Chorus
by: KRS Edstrom, M.S. Category: Self Help
40:03 minutes, 1 CD $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-886198-20-3

Sounds of Serenity is part of the Inner Mastery Series of recordings from author and meditation lecturer KRS Edstrom. This is the series' sole music-only release. Three of the four tracks are by Bobby Sprayberry, while Jeff Silverman and Jeff Harrington perform on the other song. Sprayberry's selections are classic electronic New Age music varying from the shimmering and lush first track (also present are assorted nature sounds) to the warm strings and bell tones on track three to the ethereal angelic chorals of the fourth track. Silverman and Harrington's contribution (track two) features acoustic guitar and subtle electronic textures. Despite the diversity of the four selections' music, the album as a whole hangs together, unified by the sense of peace that pervades the entire CD. In fact, the variety of music may be the album's strongest selling point. -  New Age Retailer

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