Guided Meditation Relaxation Retreat - Discover relief for tension, emotions & anxiety with 
free guided meditations, calming images & soothing music for serenity & spiritual growth.

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Relax & Release




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Welcome to the Relax and Release Corner. Give yourself permission to come here for a daily tune-up. It is a retreat – and treat – that teaches you how to internalize the "art of relaxation" and how to resource it throughout your day to unblock conscious and unconscious tension. You will learn a blend of "body-talk" skills such as meditation, breathing and imagery techniques combined with the age-old vipassana that not only deliver immediate results, but also impart new skills to draw on for a lifetime. The gentle background music is designed to enhance your relaxing journey and soothe your spirit.

"The first thing we’re going to do is to find the tension in your body. We’re going to move through your body and release the tension as we find it. Ask yourself where you are not relaxed, where you are the most tense in your body. Don’t think, just let your body answer. You may discover that your tension is localized in a specific area of your body or that it seems evenly distributed throughout your body. It doesn’t matter. Simply try to recognize specifically where the tension resides. Now stay with that area. Explore it. Feel everything about it. Relax with it…

Now let’s go sit by a quiet mountain stream. See the crystal clear stream rolling smoothly by. See how the quiet, rolling stream moves effortlessly right around or over every obstacle such as rocks and logs. Now picture this purifying mountain stream washing through your entire body…"

Immerse yourself in this guided meditation experience, knowing that the meditation and visualization techniques you learn can become a part of you, so that in the future you will automatically know how to relax yourself. The bonus is that you are also developing inner skills that will enhance your spirit, consciousness and personal growth. Tension will then no longer threaten your state of mind or quality of living. So sit back, soak in the experience and before you know it you will be luxuriating in relaxation.

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