Relax Mind & Body audio CD - ideal as a daily relaxation tune-up using meditation, breathing and visualization techniques.

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"Using her voice to good effect, she offers two guided meditations that soothe, center, and relax the deepest parts of ourselves. The intended results are calmer breathing, improved awareness of tension in the body, and a natural awareness of how to relax the mind and body when we want to."
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Relax Mind & Body:
Meditations to Soothe the Body & Mind

ISBN:  978-886198-15-9
ISBN:  1-886198-15-2
Play time  – 40 minutes
Audio CD   $16.95


A Personal Note from KRS


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"Excellent! Well researched and highly effective. I heartily recommend
this audio for anyone wanting to achieve optimum health.
KRS Edstrom’s
work should be a part of every cardiac rehab department library."
- Shirley Koster, M.S., R.D., Cardiac Rehab Program, Tucson Medical Center

"This time KRS applies her prodigious talents to an appealing variety of
guided meditations, including breathwork, walking meditation and
mindfulness. KRS is particularly skillful at teaching mindful awareness,
presence, acceptance and letting go."
- Belleruth Naparstek

"KRS’s relaxation techniques have made a major difference in my life.
Now I have a solution that works.  One of the things I love about her
work is that as a Christian I don’t feel like I’m doing something against
my beliefs. It’s straight-forward stuff while imaginative and right-brained.
Since I discovered KRS I have reached a whole new level of spiritual
depth as well, no longer tossed about by tension and anxious
thoughts. I am so thankful I ran into her work!"      
- Jim Taylor

"I take Relax Mind & Body everywhere with me and it really has helped me
relax through some difficult times (3 husbands, 4 kids and 4 grand kids)
and some fun ones too. Your voice even goes on camping trips with me! I
enjoy it very much."
- Barb Stawicki, Federal Dept Collection Specialist, Chicago, IL

"I love your voice on Relax Mind & Body – it flows around obstacles."
- Karen T.

"There are dozens of guided meditation CD’s on the market. KRS’
directions hit closer to home and are easier to follow than most.
This disc comes with the highest recommendation."
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DESCRIPTION of Relax Mind & Body

Teaches you how to internalize the "art of relaxation" and is ideal as a daily relaxation tune-up. You will discover deeper relaxation and learn how to resource it throughout the day. Your energy will rise as you unblock conscious and unconscious tension. KRS uses her own unique blend of "body-talk" skills such as meditation, breathing and visualization techniques combined with age-old ones that not only delivers immediate results, but also imparts new skills to draw on for a lifetime. Music designed to calm as you cultivate awareness.

PERSONAL NOTE From KRS About Relax Mind & Body

When I designed this series, I wanted to offer an effective daily relaxation audio for those with a need to unwind and re-center.

One woman told me that, after a long hard day, she put on the audio and lay down on the living room floor with her dog at her side. The next thing she remembers is waking up feeling refreshed and "lighter." She swears her dog was even in a better mood than usual!

EXCERPT from Relax Mind & Body

The first thing we’re going to do is to find the tension in your body. You’re going to move through your body and release the tension as you find it. Ask yourself where you are not relaxed, where you are the most tense in your body. Don’t think, just let your body answer. You may find your tension is localized in a specific area of your body or that it seems evenly distributed throughout your body. It doesn’t matter. Simply try to recognize specifically where the tension resides. Now stay with that area. Explore it. Feel everything about it. Relax with it…

Now let’s go sit by a quiet mountain stream. See the crystal clear stream rolling smoothly by. See how the quiet, rolling stream moves effortlessly right around or over every obstacle such as rocks and logs. Now picture this purifying mountain stream washing through your entire body…


Relax Mind and Body is 1 of 6 titles from KRS Edstrom’s Inner Master Series.  Mindfulness meditation is a non-denominational, non-sectarian practice and the core technique used throughout this series. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of present moment with open-palmed acceptance; an appreciation of “now” and whatever it may contain.  Imagery and breath techniques are also used to enhance your meditation experience.  

The purpose of the Inner Master Series is that you not only experience results after each listen, but that you also develop increasingly deeper skills to serve you in all of life’s challenges. 

Commonly considered negatives such as pain, stress and insomnia are transformed in a non-judgmental way that invites insight and is both growth-promoting and freeing.  Once perceived enemies turn into welcome teachers.  Similarly, everyday events such as watching a bird soar, greeting a neighbor or putting on your socks are experienced in a more mindful, complete way; a way that enriches your relationship to self, spirit and thus, the rest of the world.

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