Guided Meditation for Pain Relief – Discover relief for physical & emotional pain with guided meditations –
 Includes soothing images & comforting music to enhance serenity & heal your spirit.

Defeat Pain...

Defeat Pain


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Welcome to the Less Stress Now Corner. Here you can permanently alter your relationship to stress, fear and anxiety as you discover where these psychological states lodge in your body and how you can release them. KRS Edstrom blends her own unique meditation techniques such as vipassana, to teach you how your thoughts are stored in your body, how they manifest as stress and how you can change that pattern. The background music is designed to calm as you cultivate inner awareness and mastery.

"Let your breath become even and deep. Each time you exhale, allow the toxins of pain to be released from your body. Feel the toxins being released and even SEE them coming out if you can, as graphically as possible."

Immerse yourself in this guided meditation experience, knowing that the meditation and visualization techniques you learn can become a part of you, so that in the future you will automatically know how to release stress and relax. The bonus is that you are also developing inner skills that will enhance your spirit, consciousness and personal growth. Stress, anxiety and tension will then no longer threaten your state of mind, health or quality of life. So sit back, soak in the experience and before you know it, you will be luxuriating in relaxation.

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