Defeat Pain audio CD – Guided mindfulness meditations and imagery with soft music to help you reduce discomfort in mind & body.

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“The author's years of work in this field are evident. The
pacing, nonprescriptive visualizations, and appropriate
music are all hallmarks of an excellent meditative program.
Highly recommended for people who meditate or are interested
in alternative/complementary healing modalities.”

- Library Journal - Starred Review!

Defeat Pain:
Meditations to Transform Pain to Peace

ISBN: 1-886198-16-0
Play time  – 40 minutes
Audio CD   $16.95


A Personal Note from KRS 

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I can recommend KRS Edstrom's techniques for pain. They work!"
-Augie Nieto, CEO LifeFitness (Lifecycle)

Introducing its listeners to a world of meditation oriented, soothing
music, Defeat Pain is exceptional collection of intuitive
balance ideals and innovations perfect for the
seeking mind's eye of pain and stress resolution.

-Midwest Book Review

“I love KRS Edstrom's work. It’s truly masterful. What a powerful and deep way to instill mindfulness, somatic awareness and foster internal images!! Two superb meditations combine mindfulness, breathwork, imagery and releasing blocked energy and trapped toxins - concepts about acceptance and thoughtful cultivation of new habits in response to pain, all combine to create an extremely intelligent and effective tool.”
Belleruth Naparstek, Health Journeys

DESCRIPTION of Defeat Pain

”The perfect audio to "keep in the medicine cabinet" and reach for before resorting to pills. “

Free yourself from pain’s imprisonment. Powerful guided mindfulness meditations and soothing music dissolve your physical and emotional pain at their source. 

Learn to become aware of how your thoughts and history are stored in the body and how they manifest through physical and/or psychological pain. Transform the stuck energy of pain into a liberating journey of self-discovery. You will be able to apply your new skills to any pain forevermore.

“’Defeat Pain’ is recommended for the spectrum of emotional or physical pain, from headaches to dying. KRS’s gentle, sensible voice takes the listener on a fearless exploration of the biological origin of the discomfort, or the “deep-rooted knots of the past that are contributing to your pain.” She suggests visualizing the pain toxins in your body and allowing your own natural energy to release them, ultimately visualizing yourself pain-free. Soon, you will be able to control future discomfort and keep your mind from dwelling on it, because your body has “unlearned the habit of pain,” objectifying it in order to experience it no longer. As KRS says, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” - Audiobooks Café


After years of making customized audios for my clients (with migraines, backaches, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, addictive/compulsive behavior such as smoking, emotional issues, cancer, and even the dying process), I decided to make a audio that would work for any level of pain whether physical or emotional.


EXCERPT from Defeat Pain

Let your breath become even and deep. Each time you exhale, allow the toxins of pain to be released from your body. Feel the toxins being released and even SEE them coming out if you can, as graphically as possible.



Defeat Pain is 1 of 6 titles from KRS Edstrom’s Inner Master Series. Mindfulness meditation is a non-denominational, non-sectarian practice and the core technique used throughout this series. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of present moment with open-palmed acceptance; an appreciation of “now” and whatever it may contain. Imagery and breath techniques are also used to enhance your meditation experience.

The purpose of the Inner Master Series is that you not only experience results after each listen, but that you also develop increasingly deeper skills to serve you in all of life’s challenges.

Commonly considered negatives such as pain, stress and insomnia are transformed in a non-judgmental way that invites insight and is both growth-promoting and freeing. Once perceived enemies turn into welcome teachers. Similarly, everyday events such as watching a bird soar, greeting a neighbor or putting on your socks are experienced in a more mindful, complete way; a way that enriches your relationship to self, spirit and thus, the rest of the world.

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