Guided Meditation Retreat for Insomnia – Discover relief for insomnia, anxiety & tension with 
free guided meditations, calming images & celestial music to soothe the spirit & induce natural sleep.

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Guided Insomnia Meditation to Induce Sleep



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Welcome to the Sleep Center - a virtual Land of Nod where you can let go of the world and your worry. In this calming retreat for insomnia you can find your way back to quiet, comfort and heavenly peace. The meditation techniques you hear allow you to release the notion of failure and fear around insomnia. Forget about your black-and-white thinking that sleep is the only acceptable goal. Instead, drop the concept of goals and give your body and mind permission to just relax. Know that if you are deeply relaxed, your body and mind are getting their rest (meditation masters often need very little sleep).

Relax as the music massages your tension away. Watch the soothing images and let your body grow heavy. Loosen your tight grip on your problems and let your mind release its burdens of the day. Let go of the past and the future and revel in the luxury of deep calm, relaxation and serenity in this precious moment. Let a warm, sleepy calm envelop you and shield you from outside distractions.

"Follow your breath in and out. Continue with that for a few minutes. Feel the wonderful heaviness of deep relaxation set in – down to your bones. In the stillness feel the quiet, smooth flow of your own body energy. Now take a magic carpet ride on your own private puff of a cloud, gliding along effortlessly above the world, above your troubles. Allow yourself to release the cares of the world. Let them drop from your cloud and float away. Enjoy the smooth, carefree ride…"

Immerse yourself in this guided meditation experience, knowing that the meditation and visualization techniques can become a part of you, so that in the future you will automatically know how to work with insomnia. The bonus is that you are also developing inner skills that will enhance your spirit and personal growth. Insomnia will then no longer cause you stress nor will it have the power to threaten your state of mind or quality of living. So sit back, soak in the experience and before you know it, you will drift off to sleep naturally. Sweet dreams.

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