Sleep Through Insomnia audio CD – Guided meditations and visualizations with soft music to help you sleep without pills – Endorsed by hospitals!.

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“Your voice is terrific – mellifluous but not artificial or condescending in any way. I take off my hat to you for your beautiful work. Bravissima!! KRS is a first-rate and trustworthy guide whose relaxation and imagery CD offers two superb meditations of her nourishing, calming voice, excellent narrative and soothing music to dissolve the barriers that keep us from sweet, restful sleep."
- Belleruth Naparstek

Sleep Through Insomnia:
Meditations to Quiet the Mind & Still the Body

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ISBN: 1-886198-18-7
Play time  – 40 minutes
Audio CD   $16.95

A Personal Note from KRS

KRS's CD featured in
Martha Stewart’s
Body & Soul Magazine!

“The author's years of work in this field are
evident. The pacing, nonprescriptive
visualizations, and appropriate music are
all hallmarks of an excellent meditative
program. Highly recommended for people
who meditate or are interested in alternative/
complementary healing modalities.”
-Library Journal

"The author's voice is exceptionally well-suited
for this kind of audio--smooth, gentle, and
curiously well-connected to her listeners."
  - AudioFile Magazine       Click for Full Review

An insomniac's "dream" - "I have suffered from insomnia for years. I have tried
everything and guided meditation (along with sleep aids...yeah its that bad)
is the only thing that works. But it's not that easy. Finding one that works
is enough to lose sleep over. There are many sleep therapy or meditation
CD's out there and most of them are terrible. Either the voice is horrible
or they just don't "transport" you to your sleepy place. This one works. Period.
If you have trouble sleeping buy the whole album and pop in your iPod at
bedtime. Trust'll never hear the last tracks...I still haven't."

- AggieGrl

Gratitude for Peaceful Sleep - "Thank you KRS! After major sleeping
issues, I discontinued 3 years of sleeping pills because of horrible side effects.
I tried everything to sleep over the years, including 'natural' remedies. Nothing worked.
I was terrified I'd forgotten how to fall asleep!! I tried many hypnosis and guided
meditation mp3s on iTunes and actually disliked several because their voices
abruptly woke me back up again. I finally found your Sleep Through Insomnia
audio. What a miracle! Thank you for your soothing voice and wonderful imagery.
They have brought me sleep, peace and joy again. Blessings to you."

- Peaceful Sleeper GoldBrush33

Finally. Something that Works! - "I am considered a night owl, but I work a 7 on 7
off schedule, sleeping in the day one week, then sleeping at night the next I have
MAJOR insomnia issues. I have tired medications & other sleep methods like this one.
Nothing has worked successfully until now. These tracks take you in stages until
you ultimately fall asleep, I have yet to make it to the end without falling asleep.
I also STAY asleep, because I have the tracks looping, which is something that
has NEVER worked before. The voice is soft and pleasant, the music is peaceful
and relaxing, which only improves on an already awesome CD!.."

- Kelly Arch

"Thank you KRS! After menopausal sleeping issues, I discontinued 3 years
of sleeping meds because of horrible side effects. I was terrified I'd
forgotten how to fall asleep!! I tried many hypnosis mp3s on iTunes
and finally found your
Sleep Through Insomnia
audio. What a miracle!
Thank you for your soothing voice and wonderful imagery. They
have brought me sleep, peace and joy again. Blessings to you."

Peaceful Sleeper

"Educating the listener on a more natural and personable method of
inducing a more relaxed and deep sleep, Sleep Through Insomnia acts
as an invaluable and "user friendly" aid to a more thorough and fulfilling
sleep through practical and unconventional methods of meditation and
the intertwining of celestially intimate music."

- Midwest Book Review

“’Sleep Through Insomnia’ is a program that consoles with the idea  that deep
relaxation often can be healthier than a stressful sleep. As you imagine yourself
gliding through the sky on your private ‘magic carpet’ cloud, relaxing your body
and letting thoughts go, KRS’s meditations help you dissolve any barriers
keeping you from sleep. For example, recall a body memory of being heavy with
sleep, such as after a bath or a day at the beach, then bring that memory into
your body, especially to the area resistant to sleep.”     
Audiobooks Café

"Sleep Through Insomnia gets me to sleep and keeps me asleep every
night.  This audio is my sleeping pill – without side effects!"

- Leon Gilbert, attorney, Los Angeles

DESCRIPTION of Sleep Through Insomnia

Endorsed by hospitals, airlines and psychologists.

A great audio to have on hand for occasional or chronic sleep problems – NO PILLS NEEDED! 

Take the pressure and “failure” out of insomnia as you learn how to break old patterns and develop a wonderful new relationship with sleep. Mindfulness meditation skills blended with celestial music guide you to the “land of nod.” Provides not only immediate results, but also internalizes skills to draw on forever.

PERSONAL NOTE From KRS EDSTROM About Sleep Through Insomnia

A woman approached me after a lecture I had given. She said, “You’re with me every morning at 4 a.m.” She laughed and explained that 4 a.m. was the time of the Northridge earthquake. In the years since then she has been waking up every morning at 4 a.m., unable to get back to sleep. She cheerfully added that now she just puts on Sleep Through Insomnia and drifts back off before the it ends. I love those stories.

EXCERPT from Sleep Through Insomnia

Follow your breath in and out. Continue with that for a few minutes. Feel the wonderful heaviness of deep relaxation set in – down to your bones. In the stillness feel the quiet, smooth flow of your own body energy…

Now take a magic carpet ride on your own private puff of a cloud, gliding along effortlessly above the world, above your troubles. Allow yourself to release the cares of the world. Let them drop from your cloud and float away. Enjoy the smooth, carefree ride…


Sleep Through Insomnia is 1 of 6 titles from KRS Edstrom’s Inner Master Series.  Mindfulness meditation is a non-denominational, non-sectarian practice and the core technique used throughout this series. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of present moment with open-palmed acceptance; an appreciation of “now” and whatever it may contain.  Imagery and breath techniques are also used to enhance your meditation experience.  

The purpose of the Inner Master Series is that you not only experience results after each listen, but that you also develop increasingly deeper skills to serve you in all of life’s challenges. 

Commonly considered negatives such as pain, stress and insomnia are transformed in a non-judgmental way that invites insight and is both growth-promoting and freeing.  Once perceived enemies turn into welcome teachers.  Similarly, everyday events such as watching a bird soar, greeting a neighbor or putting on your socks are experienced in a more mindful, complete way; a way that enriches your relationship to self, spirit and thus, the rest of the world.

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