Conquer Stress audio CD - guided relaxation and meditation skills to overcome and release stress, fear and anxiety.

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Conquer Stress (CD) Testimonials

"...High quality and a useful adjunct to our programs in stress management!Ē     - C. Noel Bairey, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Hospital

"Conquer Stress provides a peaceful experience for achieving a state of deep relaxation.  Listeners will learn what parts of their body are most likely to be affected by stress so they can be alerted to its early warning signs."     - Paul Rosch, President, American Institute of Stress

"I teach stress management and relaxation and I like your ĎInner Mastery Seriesí very much. Itís like youíre right there. Other audios sound like they are read by someone. Itís hard to find good relaxation audios"     - Marie Sawyer, R.N., Stress Management Specialist

"I love ĎConquer Stress.í Itís the best Iíve ever heard!"    - Susan Walker, psychologist

"High quality and a useful adjunct to our programs in stress management."   - C. Noel Bairey, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Hospital

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