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Testimonials for KRS Edstrom's Work - general

"Even for the short duration we have worked together, your program has been so vital and enriching for me. Your expertise, advice and professionalism served at a time most needed like paramedics to an emergency patient. You’ve been a most influential source in getting my life together again. For example, getting me to care about myself. Thanks for your encouragement, support. instruction and guidance in every area including psychological, social and educational. I feel better and look better. Your program and invaluable qualities with your own direct approach has made a big difference in my life."    - Karen F.

"Thanks for all your insight and energy. As you know, I am richer for it."   - Janet G.

"Every time you and I communicate, I ‘hear’ something new. I loved the statement about the challenges being invitations to grow in new directions. I am really happy about the work we’re doing!"    - Terry

"KRS' program has made a big difference in my outer life as well as creating stepping-stone successes to greater happiness within myself."   -  Sarah Knight 

"KRS totally understands my problem and has given me a good solution."   - Sharon K.

"The sessions with KRS have helped me concentrate on my inner self, which I couldn't do at all before - I thought it was all hogwash. Also, my desire to exercise has increased and I now have the ability to make myself do it on off days - I use to just give up. I have a better outlook and a more challenging spirit. And I find I want to do more things to increase my health."    - Barb Kauff

"You certainly know your stuff."   - Lita

"KRS is the embodiment of wisdom. She guides and teaches and has truly brought my boyfriend and I to a deeper level of understanding each other."   - Dotsie Cowden

"You are great. Very good advice."
   - David

"I had it all thought out in my head but KRS showed me that I had to go deeper to make a change."   - Hillorie Randolph

"Great...extremely helpful."   - Paul F.

"Thank you for your compassion and general concern! You have helped me tremendously."   - Pam

"Thank you. You’re a 10!"   - Stephanie

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Healing Testimonials

"KRS Edstrom’s audios have been most helpful in helping me recover from a stroke." - Delores Shaw

"I have lowered my blood pressure by 10 points with your audios. I have tried several other audios and yours are the best I've found."    - Daniel Rzonca, Phoenix

"KRS Edstrom gave me phenomenal pre- and post-surgery healing meditations that I know were instrumental in directing those cancer cells to never return again."    - Ann

"Thanks for your ‘Defeat Pain’ audio. This type of therapy is my saving grace! I need the deep relaxation every day. Thanks KRS."     - Beverly D., fibromyalgia sufferer

"KRS Edstrom’s work should be a part of every cardiac rehab department library. I heartily recommend her work for anyone wanting to maintain and/or achieve optimum health."    
- Shirley Koster, cardiac rehab program, Tucson Medical Center

"I have enjoyed your ‘Defeat Pain’ audio. I am very impressed with this work and think that it is extremely important. I will refer my severe tinnitus patients to you."    
- John W. House, M.D., House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles

"I love your voice on ‘Relax Mind & Body’ – it flows around obstacles."   
- Karen, disabled, suffering with phlebitis and other health problems

"My tinnitus is almost unbearable at times but listening to your ‘Relax Mind & Body’ audio quiets my stress level and helps with the constant ringing in my head. I am most grateful."   - Jane H.

"You and your talents have already started my emotional healing and it sure feels great! Thanks for all the support."    - Jennifer F.

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Recovery - Addictions & Related - Testimonials

"KRS literally saved my life. If I had not found her, I do not know what would have happened to me and my struggle with anorexia and bulimia. She taught me HOW to get better and provided me with the tools I needed to return to my life. She is an angel."    More
- Dotsie Cowden

"KRS Edstrom's  techniques helped me through a difficult divorce and then helped me lose 40 pounds along with my addiction to food."    -  Mary Campbell

"I am 30 years old and a recovering addict of a few years, and meditation serves very well as part of the 12-step program that helped save my life. I still struggle from time to time with other compulsions and aversions, or as you refer to them ‘life's other novocaines,’ and your audios have helped me stay focused on my spiritual path and helped me to relieve the stress that can bring on some of those behaviors and compulsions."
     -  Eric, Buffalo, NY
"Since we've last conversed, I've gotten very happily married, bought a
house, and have really come a very long way with my recovery and in
refraining from the 'novocaines'. And I still listen to your audios!"
     -  Eric

"When I quit smoking KRS helped me direct my energy to positive lifestyle activities. I cleaned up my diet, got on an exercise program and learned how to reduce my stress. Now, two years later, I run competitively - and still don’t smoke!"    - Brent W.

"KRS Edstrom's relaxation techniques have made a major difference in my life. Now I have a solution that works and even though I still let myself get wired on an ‘adrenaline high,’ it is less frequent and I can return to the techniques and get refreshed. One of the things I love about her work is that she resists the quasi-Eastern touch so that as a Christian I don’t feel like I’m doing something against my beliefs. It’s straight-forward stuff while imaginative and right-brained. Since I discovered KRS I have reached a whole new level of spiritual depth as well, no longer tossed about by tension and anxious thoughts. I am so thankful I ran into her work!"    - Jim Taylor, addicted to adrenaline
"Over the last year and a half I have made great progress from a life of physical tension, adrenaline and driveness to one of relative peace. I no longer worry about the future and heart attacks and other things like I used to. My ‘Relax Mind & Body’ audio is worn to a frazzle, but through listening to it regularly I’ve learned to listen to my body and to still it."
    - Jim Taylor

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Fear & Trauma Testimonials

"The Broadway would like to thank you for your appearances at our stores following the Northridge earthquake. Your interactive sessions with our customers on stress were helpful and appreciated by all. Many thanks again for soothing the frazzled post earthquake nerves of The Broadway customers."    - Betty Gravette, Special Events Manager, Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc. 

"Thank you for your meditation site. I have used it a few times this week when the news broadcasts of the former World Trade Center were shown over and over and I realized I just needed to empty my brain. You are a treasure for providing your audios online." - Elizabeth Rose

"Thank you for relieving a normally stress-filled situation for me. I skeptically tuned into the ‘Relaxation Channel’ on a US Airways flight, almost daring you to calm me down. A little over an hour later I literally drifted off the plane, having floated down like a feather. Even my ears were unscathed – no pain or popping! Now that’s what I call relaxed. I almost giddily explained my state of being to my son (who met me at the airport) lest he think mom had gotten ‘stoned’ to avoid her fear of flying. Thanks so much."    - Emily Halligan

"Thanks so much for speaking to our group. I wasn’t aware of how badly I needed this. You have such a pleasant, reassuring voice – your calmness is contagious." - Jeannie Wells, displaced earthquake victim

"Understanding the ‘biofeedback’ relationship between the trauma of the earthquake and the body was extremely helpful in beginning to cope and understand and accept these circumstances."     - Jerry Leinwand

"Thanks for a very calming lecture. It was very helpful, especially at this time of continuing tremors after the quake. Your presentation of the material is excellent."    - Honey Yates

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Pain Testimonials

"After a session with KRS, the ‘problem’ with my back is no longer a problem now."    - Steve Brown

"I can personally recommend KRS' pain management techniques. They work!"
- Augie Nieto, CEO, Life Fitness (makers of LifeCycle)

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Stress Testimonials

"I notice that after KRS Edstrom’s sessions there is no such thing as stress. Things go very smoothly."     - David May, attorney

"Thank you for your helpful advice. I guess at the end of the day we all have to be aware of how stress can affect all things! Many thanks."    - Janelle, S/East England

"Thank you very much for your help. I will use it every time I start stressing."   - Sandy

"KRS Edstrom’s program has reduced my stress tremendously, thus improving my interactions with clients."     - Lisa Ward

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