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Inner Mastery Series (CDs) Testimonials

"We selected KRS Edstrom’s audios as part of our packet of educational tools for our television program on behavioral health with an emphasis on stress. The audience response we received was excellent."’     - Cindi Keller, Program Director, Prevention & Wellness, Banner Health Systems, Phoenix

"KRS is an extremely kind, warm, empathetic person and these qualities are amply conveyed with her wonderful voice on her audios. Whether clients of mine are seeking relaxation, sleep, pain relief or a general calming effect, I never hesitate highly recommending KRS’s audios."     - Paul G. Levy, M.D., FRCP[C], psychiatrist

"Inner Master Series is a steady seller for us – our customers love them! They definitely fill a niche for straightforward meditation audios with substance and depth."    - Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena, California

"Last holiday season, we saw one of KRS Edstrom's guided meditations in a magazine and liked it so much we wanted to share it with others. With KRS' permission, we reprinted her meditation on special paper, rolled each one up scroll-style, tied ribbons around them and gave them to our customers during the holidays. Our customers loved it! We feel it really helped spread goodwill during those sometimes-stressful weeks. We now feature KRS Edstrom's guided meditation audios in our bookstore and think anyone would benefit by listening to them."     - Glenda Johnson, Unity Church of Clearwater Valley, Lewiston, Idaho

"KRS Edstrom’s ‘Inner Master Series’ meditation audios are different from all the others I have heard – they have a down to earth scientific approach."     - Kevin Schoeniger 

"’Inner Master Series’ is outstanding! KRS’ grounding voice woven with glorious music creates a wonderfully transformational journey within."     - White Swan Music

"’Inner Master Series’ should be listened to. It’s important for your mental well-being."     - Bennet Pomerantz, AudioWorld

"Marvelous! I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly and deeply I am enjoying your six audio series. Your words, tone, musical background, techniques all meld together to make a powerful (and empowering) "symphony" and response. One of the very best series I have come across! Thanks for your work and such quality of care. In days of stress it’s terrific knowing I have these tools near by, and slowly – within."     - Connie Logan, Synergy Photography & Design

"When I have friends over I play your audios and say, ‘Sit down and relax’."     - Michael, owner, Alex & Friends

"I really love your audio series."     - Eric Anderson

"KRS Edstrom’s audios have been most helpful in helping me recover from a stroke."     
- Delores Shaw

"I have lowered my blood pressure by 10 points with your audios. I have tried several other audios and yours are the best I've found."     - Daniel Rzonca, Phoenix

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