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"Thank you for the terrific programs you’ve facilitated for the past nine years. Employees have thoroughly enjoyed your programs and have benefited from the guidance and support you have given them."      - Miriam Macleod, Human Resources, Universal Studios

"Through KRS Edstrom's perceptiveness, we see that health involves the whole person, not just the physical being."    - Russ Hanlin, CEO, Sunkist

"Thank you so much for your motivating lecture ‘The Health-Success Connection’ for our Club Managers Association of America. Your energetic delivery infused us with new resolve. Your take-home ideas on diet, exercise and stress management were much appreciated as was your wonderfully effective anti-stress meditation at the end. Besides providing interesting and useful information, you also gave us a new "No Guilt-Get Results" philosophy which was quite refreshing and much needed."    - Richard Smetana, manager, Thunderbird Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I want to thank you for the lectures, seminars and retreats you have presented to our prestigious Oakwood clientele and staff. The diversity of your HealthStyle topics offers ‘something for everyone’ and is perfect for a large corporation such as ours. We continually get requests for your presentations and would love to have you full time! You know how to command and entertain a group and are equally effective and attentive one-to-one. Much thanks and appreciation always. You are the best."     - Rosie Forti, Events Coordinator, R&B Management Company

"The Broadway would like to thank you for your appearances at our stores following the Northridge earthquake. Your interactive sessions with our customers on stress were helpful and appreciated by all. Many thanks again for soothing the frazzled post earthquake nerves of The Broadway customers."     - Betty Gravette, Special Events Manager, Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.

"Thanks for the many lectures and seminars you have presented to Universal Studios employees over the years. The feedback and results have been excellent. Participants have benefited from these programs and learned a great deal about dealing with stress and developing a healthy lifestyle. Whether the subject is stress, pain, diet, exercise or meditation, you deliver critical information in an entertaining and motivating style that people enjoy and can easily apply to their busy schedules."     - Janet Iannessa, Universal Studios

"Your appearance at the Women in Film Workshop left us motivated with a new sense of priority. In a single hour you redefined what true healthy living is – and how to achieve it. Your unique way of communicating really brought home ‘the whole picture’ – both an inner and outer approach to total health that includes a more evolved way of thinking and living. You left us ‘a little different inside’ (as one audience member commented). Thanks so much for giving us more than a lecture; thanks for for showing us how to get a little closer to ourselves."     - Carolyn Cornell, Women in Film

"Thank you SO much for your motivating presentation. As you could probably determine by the overwhelming response and enthusiam, you have made a difference in the lives of all who attended. Your approach is refreshing and does more than simply impart information."      - Cynthia Scott, Cinewomen


"After only the first session on KRS Edstrom's program, I must tell you how delighted I am that I participated. I returned to the office relaxed and refreshed."    - Jeanette Polaire

"KRS' program encompasses your body and mind. I can't say enough good things about KRS. More than once I've arrived with a tension headache only to leave it behind after the session. I didn't realize I had stress until I entered the relaxation part of the program - and I am now implementing these techniques in every aspect of my life. Also, my visits to the chiropractor are less frequent - even he is noticing the difference!"    - Ida Franklin, Universal Studios

"In January my weight was 254 pounds, my blood pressure was 140/105, my cholesterol was 212, my waist was 38" and I was taking medication for my blood pressure. I started KRS Edstrom’s program in February and as of October 1, my weight is 203 and still dropping, my blood pressure is 118/78, my cholesterol is 165, my waist size is 34," and my doctor has taken me off the blood pressure medication. With all of the above no longer on my mind and with the help of the programs relaxation sessions, my outlook has greatly improved and my stress has been reduced." [Total Loss: Weight: 51 pounds, Blood pressure: 49 points, Cholesterol: 47 points, Waist size: 4 inches]     - Jack Caraveo, Universal Studios

"I have lost 20 pounds! I can now boast of having a 23" waist. We all really enjoy KRS Edstrom's program. It really helps relieve the stress of the day and is most informative." 
- Gwen B.

"KRS Edstrom's program has given me a new lease on life. I'm feeling more energetic than I have in 20 years! I have lost weight, my blood pressure has been lowered, and my overall outlook is much improved. I feel more relaxed and sleep better. My muscle tone has improved and I feel stronger. My posture is better and I have fewer aches and pains. Also, my clothes seem to fit better. KRS is a knowledgeable and dedicated health program director and a great motivator. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program."     - Bonnie Hart, Universal Studios

"This program has benefited me enormously and brought about a great change in my mental and physical well being - as a result of KRS Edstrom's innovative instruction and motivation. The importance of this function in the workplace on an on-going basis is one that must not be overlooked."     - Irene Goldstein, Universal Studios

"When I get back to my desk after KRS Edstrom's sessions I have more energy and feel I am more productive."    - Gwen Gordon


* General Seminars
* Fear of Flying Seminars

~ General Seminars ~

"I loved your seminar – valuable information. It reminded me to focus and spend more time on my ‘long-term’ self."     - Michelle Allard, Women in Film

"Edstrom's workshop was eye-opening in many areas. I am a very driven and organized person. I now realize that I need to take more time to stop and ‘smell the roses’."    
- Elizabeth Shea, Cinewomen member

"Great time spent!"    - Steve Kolar, Fuji Motion Picture Film 

"The presentation was excellent – I learned a lot!"    - Art Rosen

"KRS was wonderful. I got some great points and new approaches for healthy living."    
- Lillian Byrd, Actress

~ Fear of Flying Seminars ~

"This course may have changed my life. Up to now, I have been unable to travel by plane without panic attacks and terror." - Mary Ellen

"Excellent presentation! In just two hours this session did more to bolster my confidence about flying than the past five years of hypnosis, books, and numerous other things. Ms. Edstrom is a fantastic teacher!"    - Mattie Carlone

"An excellent course... a must do!" - Kameron Ferdman

"Very Helpful. Great pearls." - Jill Halper, M.D.

"I feel I could fly with these greater personal skills." - Kres Gersten
Update: 39 days after taking the class Kres flew from Los Angeles to New York and did very well. She said, "Under the nerves was an excitement to fly!"

"I fully enjoyed the class and am really glad I came - Warner Brothers will be asking me to fly soon." - Liz Hughes

"Very relaxing and comforting. Made me feel like I can fly and everything will be okay. Face your fear – be okay with it." - Maegan Shanahan

"This seminar really freed my fear of flying. I feel more relaxed now."  - Jean Grahans 

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