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"Your books on meditation and mental fitness approaches…are very good and a valuable addition to my library…"    - William K. Coors, Chairman of the Board, President, Adolph Coors Company

"KRS Edstrom’s book Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is an excellent resource for cardiac rehabilitation and is now at the top of my "Healthy Heart" reading list. I have since acquired her book Conquering Stress and her Inner Mastery Series audios for guided relaxation/meditation. I was pleased to find they are equally excellent – well-researched and engaging. They are perfect companions to Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. KRS Edstrom’s work should be a part of every cardiac rehab department library. I heartily recommend her work for anyone wanting to maintain and/or achieve optimum health."     - Shirley Koster, cardiac rehab program, Tucson Medical Center

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