Fly Without Fear audio CD - Guided meditations for a relaxing flight -
How to free yourself from the anxiety and fear of flying with effective new techniques.

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“Thank you for relieving a normally stress-filled situation for me. I skeptically turned on your program, almost daring you to calm me down. A little over an hour later I literally drifted off the plane, having floated down like a feather. Even my ears were unscathed – no pain or popping! Now that’s what I call relaxed. I almost giddily explained my state of being to my son (who met me at the airport) lest he think mom had gotten ‘stoned’ to avoid her fear of flying. Thanks so much!” - Emily Halligan

“I am a frequent airline traveler who has a fear of flying, especially in less than favorable weather conditions. I found listening to KRS Edstrom’s program to be most effective in overcoming my anxiety. It’s not just the words she says, but it’s how she says them that makes it so effective. I have tried numerous other audios to no avail. Despite the turbulence from a thunderstorm we encountered, I remained completely relaxed. In fact, I actually fell asleep during the flight – a first for me.” - Matthew Wikler, M.D.

"I listened to Fly Without Fear and found it incredibly relaxing. I had been to the doctor that day because I was seeing stars in one eye and it turned out to be some kind of hemorrhage. I had it once before and don't think it's anything serious but I was feeling kind of anxious. I put on your CD, sort of ignored the part about airports and airplanes, and used it as a relaxation audio. Maybe you're not supposed to but I ended up falling asleep and waking up feeling much better."  – Shirley N.


New York Post
by Pucci Meyer McGill
ear, Schmear
"The technical term is aviatophobia. If aviatophobia (fear of flying) is keeping you from your dream vacation, Krs
Edstrom (a Swede and a "stress expert") may be able to help. Her CD, "Fly Without Fear - Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight" - is designed to walk trembling travelers through an entire simulated trip, from boarding to landing (complete with soothing music and airplane sounds). Check out the 73-minute program, narrated by Edstrom, in bookstores ($16.95) or online at"   

Book of the Month Club
"I am extremely enthusiastic about the potential that this title has in reaching a broad spectrum of customers because of it's appeal to both mass and niche market segments. More importantly, I think the title serves a greater purpose by instilling a sense of control to the existing population of people who are fearful of flying."
   - Anna Lee, Bookspan Vice President of Product Acquisitions

“A Chinese Zen master once said ‘The average person is used 24 hours a day. The person of Zen uses 24 hours a day.’ Traveling by air represents a natural window of opportunity to cultivate and apply meditation skills. KRS Edstrom’s Fly Without Fear shows you how to transmute the nervousness, impatience or just plain boredom associated with air travel into relaxation, energy and even insight. Bon Voyage!” - Shinzen Young, director, Vipassana Support Institute

"If the thought of boarding a plane makes you queasy, Fly Without Fear by KRS Edstrom will help you regain your confidence. Sure, we all know logically that flying on a jet is safer than driving in your car. Unfortunately we don’t all believe it. Accompanied by a gentle musical background, Edstrom methodically rebuilds your desire to fly, starting at the ticket counter. Then you get on the plane and take off. While you’re in the air, you confront rather than avoid your trepidations, and she explains how to relax while you’re traveling. It’s a CD you can listen to before or during your flying experience, and if you have children who have developed a fear of flying, play it for them. KRS Edstrom could even calm down a strong cup of coffee." - Doug Ordunio, Senior Producer DMX Inflight

Midwest Book Review 
Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations For A Relaxing Flight is an impressive and effective 73 minute audio program to ease the fear of flying. KRS Edstrom's guided meditations are enhanced with soothing music and empower the anxious traveler to release anxieties associated with the experience and thought of flying. Strongly recommended for anyone with air travel tensions, Fly Without Fear is organized into ten segments: Dress Rehearsal (practicing fear releasing skills in the days preceding a flight); Soothing Meditation for Boarding & Waiting (calming pre-flight nerves while awaiting takeoff); Fearless Take-Off (enjoying the freedom of flight); In-Flight Relaxation Vacation (transforming fears and anxieties into tranquility - tracks 4-9 in-flight meditations); Tension-Release Meditation (releasing fear from the mind and body); Breath Awareness Meditation (staying "grounded" in that act of breathing); Mindfulness Meditation (creating a private, personal retreat); Relaxing Visualization (an "enchanting magic carpet ride"); Loving Kindness Meditation (warming the heart and soul); Smooth Landing Meditation (arriving with a calm mind and peaceful spirit).

Prodigy Travel
Review: "Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight" would be a useful addition to this subject any time but it's all the more topical nowadays with concerns over security. This new CD by KRS Edstrom, a stress authority, provides a 73-minute program of ten practical and eminently useful methods and techniques to achieve a greater measure of relaxation through waiting for a flight, boarding, taxiing for take-off, flying, and landing. There's a a "Dress Rehearsal" exercise featuring actual airport and plane sounds designed to help
travelers practice in their own homes/offices. Anyone suffering from fear of flying is likely to benefit from the material. The CD costs $16.95, and it's distributed by Ingram and Soft Stone Publishing (323-851-8623). 
- Jack Adler

Fly Without Fear - Golden Headset Nominee 
"For those who need flying help, this audio will help you. For those who need comfort during flying, this audio will assist you. And for those experienced flyers like me – this audio is a comfort." 
- Bennet Pomerantz, Audioworld

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