Fly Without Fear audio CD - Guided meditations for a relaxing flight -
How to release yourself from the anxiety and fear of flying with effective new techniques.

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Fly Without Fear
Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight

“Thank you for relieving a normally stress-
filled situation for me. I literally drifted off
the plane, having floated down like a
feather. unscathed – no pain or popping!
Now that’s what I call relaxed.”

- Emily Halligan

I've been so out of touch, but I've been flying hither and yon! Since my trip to California at the beginning of the year, I've flown to Texas and Florida, and this weekend, I'll be heading to Tucson. From there I'll fly to San Diego, and then home again, back to the east coast. Generally speaking, all has gone great... - click here for conclusion, read KRS’s response and more of this ongoing diary

ISBN: 978-1-886198-14-2
Play time  – 73 minutes
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"This terrific program combines mindfulness, imagery and body
awareness to gently relax the merely worried, and dramatically
desensitize the truly terrified. KRS's excellent, trustworthy voice and
well-scored music amount to a first-rate-production by a master of the
craft. Tracks are segmented for each travel phase, but blend together
easily for one complete meditation. A superb resource."
- Belleruth Naparstek

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"Coach Madden should get this audio in his Christmas stocking!"
                                                                      - Denise Dador, KABC TV

"In this day and age where even the most savvy traveler may be wary of
getting on a plane, KRS Edstrom has put together the perfect “preflight
prepare yourself” meditation CD. I strongly recommend this relaxing CD
for every seasoned traveler and for the first timer; well worth the ride!"
Click for Full Review     - Awareness Magazine

DESCRIPTION of Fly Without Fear

Fly Without Fear offers powerful guided mindfulness meditation techniques and imagery to help you conquer your fear of flying. These techniques become a part of your very nature, providing an inner haven to come “home” to forevermore.  Soothing background music helps dissolve your fear while you learn skills that can be applied to any fear. Transforms an anxious flight into an enjoyable journey of self-discovery.

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Testimonials About Fly Without Fear

"Many thanks for your great efforts! I have been advising my passengers to use your techniques. I have more relaxed passengers now."    - Captain William H. Noyes, Hawaiian Airlines

5.0 out of 5 stars5 Stars from Amazon!
"I was given this CD as a gift because all my life I have feared flying...and I love it. It helped me to overcome my fears and tensions at my last flight. I recommend it to everyone that has this problem!!!"
    - Anne de Salverte (Amazon customer)

"So calming and persuasive is Edstrom’s voice coming through my headphones that…the terror…soon abated. …At that point she probably could have convinced me to walk out on the wing of a bi-plane." - Michael Glab,

"I purchased your fear of flying CD for my 14-year-old daughter. She had to fly with her 16-year-old brother to meet me in Barcelona. My daughter listened to the CD the week before her trip and during her flight. I think that your CD helped her get through her fears. We had a great time in Spain. Thanks for your help with this." - Laurel, CA

“I am a frequent airline traveler who has a fear of flying, especially in less than favorable weather conditions. I found listening to KRS Edstrom’s program to be most effective in overcoming my anxiety. It’s not just the words she says, but it’s how she says them that makes it so effective. I have tried numerous other audios to no avail. Despite the turbulence from a thunderstorm we encountered, I remained completely relaxed. In fact, I actually fell asleep during the flight – a first for me.” - Matthew Wikler, M.D.

“A Chinese Zen master once said ‘The average person is used 24 hours a day. The person of Zen uses 24 hours a day.’ Traveling by air represents a natural window of opportunity to cultivate and apply meditation skills. KRS Edstrom’s Fly Without Fear shows you how to transmute the nervousness, impatience or just plain boredom associated with air travel into relaxation, energy and even insight. Bon Voyage!” - Shinzen Young, director, Vipassana Support Institute 

"If the thought of boarding a plane makes you queasy, Fly Without Fear by KRS Edstrom will help you regain your confidence. Sure, we all know logically that flying on a jet is safer than driving in your car. Unfortunately we don’t all believe it. Accompanied by a gentle musical background, Edstrom methodically rebuilds your desire to fly, starting at the ticket counter. It’s a CD you can listen to before or during your flying experience, and if you have children who have developed a fear of flying, play it for them. KRS Edstrom could even calm down a strong cup of coffee." - Doug Ordunio, Senior Producer DMX Inflight 

"'Fly Without Fear' serves a great purpose in instilling a sense of control to those who are fearful of flying." - Anna Lee, Bookspan (Book of the Month Club) 

"'Fly Without Fear'... helps soothe the fears of people afraid to fly…giving shaky fliers advice and guided meditations on relaxing and overcoming their fears." - Tampa Tribune 

"Thanks to 'Fly Without Fear' I've flown my last white knuckle flight!. My fear of flying is gone. It's like a miracle." - Steve Jamison, best-selling author: "Winning Ugly" and "John Wooden: Observations & Reflections" 

"This is a really nice piece of work from one who used to fear flying herself. KRS’ mellifluous voice and wise guidance teach us how to master fear of all kinds." - Lasare, Whole Life Times 

"If aviatophobia (fear of flying) is keeping you from your dream vacation, Krs Edstrom may be able to help. Her CD, 'Fly Without Fear' is designed to walk trembling travelers through an entire simulated trip, from boarding to landing." - Pucci Meyer, New York Post 

"'Fly Without Fear'" is an impressive and effective 73 minute audio program to ease the fear of flying. KRS Edstrom's guided meditations are enhanced with soothing music and empower the anxious traveler to release anxieties associated with the experience and thought of flying. Strongly recommended for anyone with air travel tensions." - Midwest Book Review 

"'Fly Without Fear'" would be a useful addition to this subject any time but it's all the more topical now with concerns over security. This new CD by KRS Edstrom, a stress authority, provides a 73-minute program of ten practical and eminently useful methods and techniques to achieve a greater measure of relaxation. Anyone suffering from fear of flying is likely to benefit from the material." - Prodigy Travel Section 

"I finally found relief for my fear of flying with 'Fly Without Fear.' This CD helped me relax during a flight for the first time. In fact, I actually slept - it was great!" - Janice Romano, Hilton Hotel, FL 

"This is a really nice piece of work from one who used to fear flying herself. KRS’ mellifluous voice and wise guidance teach us how to master fear of all kinds." - Lasare, Whole Life Times

"...helps soothe the fears of people afraid to fly…giving shaky fliers advice and guided meditations on relaxing and overcoming their fears." - The Tampa Tribune

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BONUS "Morning-of-Your-Flight" Exercise & Tip

Click to view larger imageHere is a special Morning-of-Your-Flight fear-releasing exercise that is quick and effective to use any time, whether you are experiencing anxiety about flying or anything else. This exercise releases trapped, nervous energy and leaves you feeling calm and balanced.

Punch into a pillow, bed or the air (like a boxer) over and over again as hard as you can for as long as you can, which is usually about a minute. Use your fist, a tennis racket or anything else you like. As you hit away, just let everything out – yell or (if neighbors are a concern) mutter or growl under your breath emphatically any words or sounds that come out, along with any pent-up frustration, anger and fear – until you are exhausted. Rest for a few seconds and then repeat for a total of 3 times. Practice your “hitting form” first to insure that you don’t injure yourself. Don’t feel embarrassed about trying this exercise, just DO it. Once you’ve experienced the relaxing after-glow from the exercise, you’ll be hooked.

Another version of this exercise: If you are unable to hit anything for whatever reason, simply yell or scream into a pillow as hard as you can for about 60 seconds. This is an exercise that easily done in-flight in the restroom, using a sweater or anything else to yell into. Again, the secret is to forget about feeling silly and just DO it.

Write yourself a reminder note to do this quick exercise on the morning of your flight as it may be easy forget on your busy travel day.

Bonus Tip

This tip can be especially useful for those who are just beginning to use the techniques on Fly Without Fear. When the day of your flight arrives, besides listening to this CD, write one or two key words onto the palm of your hand that remind you of a certain technique that you find especially effective. Then all you need to do is glance at your palm occasionally to remember what your body and mind already know.

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More About
Fly Without Fear
A Welcome New Travel Tool For Fearful Flyers

Click to view larger imageKRS Edstrom, creator of relaxation programming for the airlines, offers a new CD to conquer your fear of flying titled Fly Without Fear: Guided Meditations for a Relaxing Flight. This powerful audio includes meditations with soothing music for boarding, take-off, in-flight and landing along with a highly effective pre-flight “dress rehearsal. ”This welcome new travel tool transforms an anxious flight into a tranquil journey of self-discovery. An added bonus is that this CD imparts skills that can be applied to any fear or phobia – something you can appreciate the rest of your life.

Fly Without Fear includes techniques that are easily internalized and tailored for your individual needs. The skills become part of your very nature because they are simply reminding your body and mind of what they innately already know but have forgotten on a fork in the road called Fear. Fly Without Fear provides an inner haven to come home to – your own private spa-in-the-sky!

There is no need for fear to have a hold on you any longer. Your new skills will forever alter your relationship to fear, transforming you from a victim of fear to a master of fear. And while it may not mean much to you at this moment (when your immediate concern is to fly without fear), realize that your journey in overcoming the fear of flying is serving an even deeper purpose. Your journey through fear is cleaning out the “basement” of your consciousness, tending to corners and issues that would most probably been left unattended for your entire lifetime. Fear has brought you to a new place. Recognize it as a unique opportunity to evolve your self, your spirit.

Bird Symbolism in Fly Without Fear

I have always enjoyed the grace and fearless freedom of birds, so it seemed logical that this image popped up when I was learning to overcome my fear of flying. But I was caught off guard to experience a spiritual component of this bird imagery – until I remembered that mythology commonly represents the bird as spirit. It apparently wasn’t a coincidence that this image came to me and helped heal me.

In the heavenward flight of airplanes we glide far above earthly routine, amidst the pure, pristine place reserved for birds and angels. If you allow yourself to sustain fear for even a moment, you can begin to grasp the expansive sacredness of this space. You can let your tiny human self merge with the grandness and power of the nature that surrounds you and fills you. Allow yourself to feel that grand tranquility take root inside you and permeate every cell in your body, effortlessly transforming fear into an overpowering force of love and faith.

When you fly, let go of fear and imagine the plane as an invincible soaring eagle with the pure spirit of a dove. Let yourself enjoy the ride, enjoy your proximity to the heavens, merging with all that is pure and good. Open to that reality. Open your arms and consciousness to welcome this journey. Together, your Fly Without Fear techniques and bird spirit, God or whatever you choose to call it, can elevate you to transcend the physical form of fear and help you – fly through the fear.

Fly Without Fear Tracks

1) Dress Rehearsal –
Practicing Fear-Releasing Skills in the Days Before Your Flight (20:00)
2) Soothing Meditation for Boarding & Waiting –
Calming Pre-Flight Nerves for a Relaxing Trip  (10:00)  
3) Fearless Take-Off –
Enjoying the Freedom of Birds (5:00)
4) In-Flight Relaxation Vacation
Transforming Fear to Tranquility (33:00 tracks 4-9)
5) Tension-Release Meditation:
Releasing Fear from Your Mind and Body  
6) Breath Awareness Meditation:
Staying Grounded in Your Breath
7) Mindfulness Meditation:
Your Own Private Retreat
8) Relaxing Visualization:
An Enchanting Magic Carpet Ride
9) Loving Kindness Meditation:
Warming Your Heart and Soul
10) Smooth Landing Meditation –
Arriving with Dry Palms and a Happy Heart (5:00)  

Total Time: 73:00

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Message from KRS

It seems that fear either cripples us or impels us to resource everything we know and then stretch beyond even that to unexplored areas – areas that, once visited, seem hauntingly familiar. After a nine-year fear-induced hiatus from flying, I once again discovered the value of going into the dark. Some of my most meaningful spiritual experiences have since occurred, appropriately enough, high above the earth’s busyness, just on the other side of fear. May fear serve the purpose of elevating you to higher ground in more ways than one.


KRS Edstrom is a lecturer, author, syndicated columnist and radio host who works with individuals and corporations on personal growth: physical and emotional healing, stress, pain, weight management, fear, deep motivation and meditation. Her books include Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and Conquering Stress.Her guided meditation audios include Relax Mind Body, Defeat Pain, Conquer Stress, Sleep Through Insomnia, Everyday Meditation and Sounds of Serenity.

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