Conquer Stress audio CD - guided relaxation and meditation skills to overcome and release stress, fear and anxiety.

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"The soft, deep tones of the author's voice are well suited to this brief lesson
on managing externally caused stress. Her voice is calming and seems to slow
everything down. Edstrom's meditations are pleasingly vivid and sensual--just
what you need when driving frantically to get to a meeting on time. Her concise
insights on stress are among the most cogent and inviting on audio."
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Conquer Stress:
Meditations to Take You
From Tension to Tranquility

ISBN:  978-886198-17-3
Play time  – 40 minutes
Audio CD   $16.95


A Personal Note from KRS



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"High quality and a useful adjunct to our programs
in stress management."
- C. Noel Bairey, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Hospital

"Conquer Stress provides a peaceful experience for achieving a state
of deep relaxation.  Listeners will learn what parts of their body
are most likely to be affected by stress so they can be alerted to
its early warning signs."   
-  Paul Rosch, President, American Institute of Stress

"It is important to note that KRS Edstrom’s voice is almost the perfect
guided-meditation voice. It is in this environment that KRS talks to
listeners, she does not talk at them. She sounds like a friend giving
suggestions over a cup of coffee or — even better — a cup of chai tea."
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DESCRIPTION of Conquer Stress

Conquer Stress gives you the tools to replace stress, fear and anxiety with inner peace.  You will learn how to find the calm in the eye of the storm and emerge relaxed and “stress literate” with this enlightening mind-body workshop.

KRS Edstrom’s guided mindfulness meditation techniques on this CD help you alter your relationship to stress as you become aware of where stress lodges in your body……and then, how to release it.  You learn how your thoughts and history are stored in your body and how they manifest through states such as stress.  The gentle background music enhances your journey as it is designed to calm and center as you cultivate inner awareness and mastery.  This CD provides a new solution to the age-old problem of stress. 

PERSONAL NOTE from KRS Edstrom About Conquer Stress

I made this audio for those with a variety of stress symptoms including phobias, anxiety, high blood pressure, over eating and many other issues. I am continually hearing new ways people use this audio. One psychologist wrote me reporting that, after several years of terrified flying (to the point of having to use tranquilizers), she no longer has a problem, "thanks to Side Two of your Conquer Stress audio."

EXCERPT from Conquer Stress

Go to your own perfect private beach. Let your body sink into the warm white sand. Feel the gentle, healing rays of the sun melting away your tension. Let the warm wind blow through you, blowing away the toxins of stress. Inhale the cleansing ocean air into those well-deserving lungs.

Imagine stress as negative energy. Now let’s see how focusing on this block of negative energy breaks it up, diffuses it, and allows the flow of life to continue as it should.


Conquer Stress is 1 of 6 titles from KRS Edstrom’s Inner Mastery Series.  Mindfulness meditation is a non-denominational, non-sectarian practice and the core technique used throughout this series. Mindfulness cultivates an awareness of present moment with open-palmed acceptance; an appreciation of “now” and whatever it may contain.  Imagery and breath techniques are also used to enhance your meditation experience.  

The purpose of the Inner Mastery Series is that you not only experience results after each listen, but that you also develop increasingly deeper skills to serve you in all of life’s challenges. 

Commonly considered negatives such as pain, stress and insomnia are transformed in a non-judgmental way that invites insight and is both growth-promoting and freeing.  Once perceived enemies turn into welcome teachers.  Similarly, everyday events such as watching a bird soar, greeting a neighbor or putting on your socks are experienced in a more mindful, complete way; a way that enriches your relationship to self, spirit and thus, the rest of the world.

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